Wow, people put a lot of effort into this stuff...

I dunno if I should be impressed or frightened, but in this week's DC column at the end of 52 #37, there is a paragaph that you have to decipher to figure out the ending of 52, and by the end of this afternoon, someone on Newsarama had already figured out the code.

Click to see the code and the secret!

The code is take the first letter of every third word.

It spells out "The secret of fifty two is that the multiverse still exists."

How oddly boring for a reveal (it could be worse, it could be Drink Ovaltine, right?), but it is really cool of DC to do a code like this.

I'll gladly give credit (or pity?) to the person who first figured it out, but I can't seem to figure out who solved it first! So if you're out there, let me know!

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