Would You Pay $30 For Movie Rentals On Your TV?

Later this month, movie studios and DirecTV will launch a pilot program called Home Premiere, a Premium Video on Demand service that streams movies to your television just 60 days after they were released in theaters. It's a move that has theater owners up in arms, but what I want to know is: Do viewers really care?

This is the proposed idea: For $30, DirecTV customers will have 48 hour access to the movie of their choice - but selection of said movies will be limited at the studios' discretion and are said to be aimed more towards the "not exactly box office hit" range of Unknown and The Adjustment Bureau. It's a no-brainer for both DirecTV and the studios, who'll get 80% of that $30-per-movie (Paramount is the only major studio that hasn't already signed on to the pilot), but there is one drawback: Do that many people really want to pay $30 to watch a movie at home?

I know that I don't - For that amount of money, I'd rather go to the theater and see the movie as it was intended to be seen, to be honest - and studies suggest that timeliness for home viewing is much, much less of a concern for most people than cost. So, I'm opening it up to the floor: Who here would pay $30 for 48 hours of movie rental?

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