Would you like syrup on your Avengers-themed waffles?

Not content with its conquest of cinemas and the direct market, Marvel has now turned its attention to home appliances. Small appliances, but still ...

Soon, fans will be able to eat waffles emblazoned with Thor's hammer, Iron Man's mask, Captain America's shield and Hulk's fist, prepared -- where else? -- in an Avengers-themed waffle maker from Select Brands. The company is also developing Marvel-inspired toasters, single-serve coffeemakers and more.

However, it doesn't end there: Robe Factory, which offers Marvel superhero-themed bathrobes and towels, will also introduce an Iron Man mini-fridge (it already sells ones based on the TARDIS from Doctor Who and a Borg ship from Stark Trek: The Next Generation).

You'll also be seeing Marvel kitchen utensils, aprons, flasks, travel mugs and even flameless candles, all as part of what Licensing.biz describes as the company's "first major launch in the small appliance category."

"We are always looking for new ways to expand our presence in the college and housewares markets to meet the growing demand for innovative new home goods, beyond the traditional linens, that capture the essence of our characters and franchises like never before in this category,” Paul Glitter, senior vice president, licensing, Marvel at Disney Consumer Products, said in a statement. “These new products will offer our fans creative and exciting ways to showcase their fandom through their everyday style both in their homes and at college."

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