Would an 'Alias' by any other name smell as sweet?

In the last edition of the Comic Wire, Brian Michael Bendis described "Alias," his forthcoming comic from Marvel Comics, which will also be the flagship of the company's new mature readers line.

But if you seem to recall a comic book named "Alias" from the 1980s, you recall correctly. But don't worry about the creator of that "Alias," Chuck Dixon exercising his rights to the title, for a very good reason.

"No, actually the title and entire property still belong to Universal Studios who bought all rights from NOW Comics during the bankruptcy," Dixon told the Comic Wire on Tuesday. "They were very close to filming it 10 years ago. It had a screenplay by Frank Darabont and was to be directed by Joe Dante with Nick Cage and Gene Hackman to star. As I said, 'very close' to filming. The project was axed two months before principal photography was to start. The story I was told was that the producers lacked faith in Cage's box office. Guess the joke's on them."

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