JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 10 Most Despicable Things the Heroes Have Done

Hirohiko Araki's hit anime and manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure stars not one, but eight heroes known as "JoJo," from the Victorian gentleman Jonathan Joestar to the late '90s high schooler Josuke. They fight the forces of evil and protect the ones they love, and some JoJo heroes have saved the entire world from vampires, Aztec demigods, and more.

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Still, the JoJo heroes are only human, and the same is true of the good-guy squads they have backing them up. Sometimes, our heroes have a moment of weakness and act like plain old jerks to the people around them. What are some of the most despicable, obnoxious, or inexcusable things the JoJo heroes have done on the journey's road?

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10 Joseph and his ladies

Joseph Joestar, the hero of Battle Tendency and a supporting character in Stardust Crusaders, braved many dangers to save the entire world from the menace of the Pillar Men and later DIO. He married the lovely Suzie Q and fathered Holly Joestar with her. So far, so good. But in the early 1980s, this playboy cheated on his doting wife and fathered Josuke Higashikata with Tomoko, making Josuke Jotaro's uncle. What a fun family tree. It's totally uncool that Joseph had a side girl, even if he did save the world.

9 You kiss your mother with that mouth?

It is no secret that Jotaro Kujo is a rather grouchy JoJo hero, contrasting with the cheery Joseph and the free-spirited Josuke. But seriously, his mother Holly moved to Japan, learned the language, and raised Jotaro all on her own. And how did he repay her? Whipping out the B-word when she visited jail to spring him! And he yelled it, too! Jotaro won't do this much later on, especially since mother dear is suffering a Stand that is draining her life force. But seriously, many of the JoJo moms get some rough treatment.

8 That's not baby food!

Now it's time for a side hero to show their nasty side. Jotaro's squad includes Kakyoin, a high school boy with a charming crush on Holly and a neat Stand. And a petty, vengeful side that emerges when Death 13 is beaten in battle. Yes, Kakyoin suffered trauma when Death 13 nearly killed him in a nightmarish fantasy world, and it sucks that his compatriots didn't heed his warnings earlier. But slipping the baby's own waste into its food and shoving that into its mouth as a final blow before parting ways? "Low blow" isn't even sufficient to describe this.

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7 Loaded dice

Josuke will appear four times in this list, and we're starting with his idea of gambling. At some point, Josuke meets someone who claims to be a shape-shifting alien visiting Earth. That opens up all kinds of possibilities, and the first thing to pop into Josuke's mind is... make loaded dice to cheat Rohan out of his money! Josuke has a disturbing habit of fixating on shallow material gain, and some viewers may not feel terribly sorry for him when he's nervous about his ploy being discovered.

6 Baggage claim, Stand style

To be fair, Giorno Giovanna really did intend to return Koichi's passport to him when he stole Koichi's luggage and passport alike. But Giorno makes a pretty lousy first impresson on screen when he abuses Gold Experience to morph Koichi's stuff into a frog! Koichi is understandably anxious, and one can't help but wonder if Giorno could have handled matters a little more tactfully. Koichi didn't get the best first impression of Italy or Giorno, that's for sure.

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5 You owe me one

Josuke returns on this list, and so does the act of stealing. True enough, the elderly Joseph did spend Josuke dry to buy too many baby supplies. But at the end of Diamond is Unbreakable, Josuke makes a final impression by swiping his father's wallet and taking all the money back! Joseph is not thrilled about this variant of a bank levy, and it shows Josuke's selfish punk attitude once again. Josuke didn't really steal anything, but this still felt kind of low.

4 Kick his butt... or not

Here is Josuke's third entry on this list. Not that Josuke is a rotten guy, but he's a spirited teenager in a boring town, so that makes for a volatile combination. Like Jotaro before him, Josuke makes a pretty unflattering first impression. After some random guy insults Josuke's hair, our hero goes as far as breaking the offender's nose before fixing it! You don't do things halfway, do you, Josuke? At least Jotaro didn't slug his mom! (And if Jotaro did, he'd occupy all ten slots on this list.)

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3 But it was me, Dio!

Fans love the meme of "But it was me, Dio!" from Phantom Blood. Of all people, Joseph decides to take a turn with this meme, and scares the daylights out of Jotaro and the ambulance crew. The dust barely settled on the bloody battle with DIO when Joseph sits upright and uses Hermit Purple to create an eerie glow. Then, the merry prankster claims to be DIO, reborn in Joseph's body! To his credit, Joseph did a fine job acting, but honestly, did he want a Star Platinum punch to the face? DIO just died! It's too soon for pranks!

2 He's just a kid, guys

And now, Josuke's fourth and final despicable act, and he's sharing it with Okuyasu. These guys are burly high schoolers, and when they meet the meek middle schooler Shigechi, they aren't the nicest fellows. Shigechi got his first friends ever, and Josuke and Okuyasu exploit his Stand to get rich, threaten to beat him up (and later fight him), and generally take him for granted the rest of the time. At least they were pretty upset and had vengeance on their minds when Kira blasts Shigechi to bits.

1 Bottoms up!

Strictly speaking, the members of Giorno's mobster squad could all occupy this list since they're all thugs, but that's a bit unfair. So let's narrow it down to Abbacchio's idea of welcoming Giorno to the team. Abbacchio in particular really had an issue with Giorno, and just to be a revolting jerk, he relieved himself into a teapot and offred a drink to Giorno. The whole squad pressured Giorno into it, and only a clever ploy with Gold Experience spared Giorno from Italy's worst ever "tea." Keep your secret ingredients to yourself, Abbacchio!

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