The 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In The Injustice Comics

Back in 2012, the creators of the Mortal Kombat franchise teamed up with Warner Bros. and DC Comics. Their goal was to create a brand new Fighting Game series set in the DC Universe. A year later, in April 2013, Netherrealm studios released Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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To help promote the game, DC released a series of Injustice comics that predate the game and set up its story. Set in a world in which Superman kills the Joker, the Injustice storylines are absolutely brutal and feature numerous character deaths. Today, we'll be talking about 10 of the most heartbreaking deaths from the Injustice comic books. A word of caution though; some of these deaths get pretty visceral.

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10 Black Canary

Throughout the Injustice comics, Superman makes a lot of enemies. Dinah Laurel Lance, aka the Black Canary, is one of the few that nearly managed to kill him. Motivated by her husband's death, Black Canary creates a plan with Batman and Green Lanterns to stop Superman.

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When the time comes, Black Canary strikes. Dinah's Canary Cry proved to be an incredibly effective weapon against the Man of Steel - crippling and severely wounding him. Believing that they've won the battle, Batman calls off Canary's assault. This gives Superman enough of an opening to attack Black Canary with his Heat Vision - killing her instantly.

9 Ganthet & Mogo

As we hit on earlier, the Green Lanterns were some of the first heroes to oppose Superman in the Injustice comics. Sadly, many members of the Corps either died fighting the Last Son of Krypton or his allies. Ganthet and Mogo were two heroes who gave their all trying to stop Regime Superman. But, as the saying goes, 'when you try hard, you die hard.'

The Guardian of the Universe and the living planet take on Superman during a war between the Lanterns and the Regime. Despite their best efforts, Superman shrugs off their attacks, flies forward, and pushes both of them into the Sun.

8 Green Arrow

Both in the DC Universe and our own, the Green Arrow is a hero that people hate to love and love to hate in equal measure. Regardless of how you feel about him, you can't deny that Oliver Queen has a heroic heart. Ollie proves as much in the Injustice comics by volunteering to sneak inside Regime Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

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Ollie is eventually found by Ma and Pa Kent, who alert their son. Green Arrow fires at Superman only for his shot to ricochet and hit Pa Kent. Enraged, Clark blitzes Oliver and savagely beats him to death with his bare hands.

7 Ch'p

Ch'p is another Green Lantern who died fighting against Regime Superman's tyranny. In the Injustice comics, Ch'p and Kilowog square off against the corrupted version of Clark Kent. Despite the odds, Ch'p knocks out Superman by disrupting the fallen Man of Steel's brain synapses!

The Lanterns' victory is shortlived, however, as Thaal Sinestro joins the battle and immediately stabs Ch'p through the head. The poor little space squirrel never had a chance to defend himself. Moreover, this isn't the first time Ch'p met an untimely end in the DC Multiverse.

6 General Zod

General Dru-Zod has many different incarnations across the DC Multiverse. In Prime Earth, Zod is a villainous character that antagonizes Superman. In the Injustice comics, Zod's still evil but he's also one of the few beings that can match Superman's strength.

He proves his strength and his villainy by destroying an army of Superman robots, then killing Tim Drake for the sake of it. Batman gets into a fight with Zod and sprays him with Kryptonite. At this point, the android Amazo is sent in by the Regime and tears off Zod's head right off! This shocks all of the surviving heroes - including Batman - and reminds them how poor the odds of success are.

5 Captain Atom

When it comes to impossibly powerful DC Comics characters, Captain Atom ranks pretty high on that list. Atom used to be an ordinary Air Force pilot named Nathaniel Adam. But after participating in a nuclear experiment, Nathaniel gains a whole host of god-like abilities akin to Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen.

In the Injustice comics, Atom uses his gifts against Regime Superman. The Captain overpowers Kal-El and would've defeated if Wonder Woman didn't intervene. Diana pierces Atom's suit, kickstarting a nuclear reaction. Atom flies into space with Superman - intent on taking out Supes without hurting any innocents. Unfortunately, Clark survives the explosion and Atom dies in vain.

4 Guy Gardner

Most Green Lanterns are known for their strong personalities and tremendous willpower. Guy Gardner, on the other hand, is known for his bad temper and warmongering personality. Guy's such a hot-head that he's even joined the Red Lantern Corps on multiple occasions. In spite of it all, Guy's still a hero who fights to protect the innocent.

When Hal Jordan betrays the Green Lanterns and joins Superman's Regime, Guy is the first to face him. Gardner actually tries to talk Hal down rather than fight him. Wracked with guilt and manipulated by Sinestro, Hal rips off Guy's arm and drops him from the sky.

3 Jim Gordon

Police Commissioner James Gordon is one of the most iconic characters who's associated with Batman. The man's virtually incorruptible and chooses to work in Gotham because he believes the city can be saved. In the Injustice comics, Gordon does what he can to fight against Superman. But after his friends and family members start dying, Gordon resolves to take more drastic measures.

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Commissioner Gordon eventually takes a Super Pill and assaults the Hall of Justice. Gordon doesn't find Superman but he does encounter Cyborg. Gordon beats the fallen Titan and contacts Barbara Gordon and Batman. His body strained under the effects of the pill, Gordon talks to his daughter and surrogate son before succumbing to cancer.

2 Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner is one of the best and brightest members of the Green Lantern Corps. In the aftermath of the Emerald Twilight, it was Rayner who rebuilt the Corps. When Hal Jordan became Parallax, Kyle became his successor. And, to this day, no other Lantern has tapped into the Emotional Spectrum as Rayner has.

When Kyle appears in the Injustice comics, it looks like the tide of battle may turn in the heroes' favor. But he's soon ambushed by the Sinestro Corps, has his Power Ringfinger torn off, and is then ripped to shreds by Yellow Lanterns. Easily one of the saddest and most violent deaths in the series.

1 Lois Lane

The Clown Prince of Crime kidnaps Lane, kills Jimmy Olsen, and plants a bomb in Metropolis. Clark flies around like a headless chicken, trying to fix everything by himself. Suddenly, Doomsday appears out of nowhere! Clark grabs Doomsday and flies him into space. As he leaves the atmosphere, Superman realizes who he's really carrying.

Almost immediately, the Man of Steel returns to Earth, finds the Joker, and kills him. Lois's death in the Injustice comics is tragic for many reasons; she did nothing to deserve her fate, she was pregnant with Superman's child, and her loss causes Clark to fall to the Dark Side.

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