Heralding from the DC Comics/Wildstorm Universe, Percival Edmund Chang, or Grunge as he’s known by when punching people in the face, is a part of the Gen13 superhero team. Created by Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell and Brandon Choi, Grunge actually wasn’t too dreadful a character. He wasn’t a chea

knockoff of some other mainstream superhero from either Marvel or DC and his powers were kind of groovy: he could molecularly bond with anything he comes into contact with. Still, his ability to also assume the shape of anything he absorbed lead him to looking like a mess.

Running around without a shirt and a tattoo of a green…thing, on his chest, Grunge’s arms, which also had weird red armbands on them, could also turn into stone. While Grunge might not have been the most “extreme” hero out there, it wasn’t for lack of trying.


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