Gather round y’all for a story I reckon you ain’t never heard before. Ol’ Farmer Brown and his daughter were simple farmers/microbiologists who developed grotesque farm animals that could supply more meat than ordinary animals. When one of the animals got loose, those dang government city types banned Farmer Brown

from the city. Farmer Brown spent the next year, and an unknown fortune, on developing more animals that would terrorize Gotham.

This episode is borderline so-bad-it’s-good. There are lots of dopey farm-based puns that even the voice actors couldn’t muster enthusiasm for. The plot makes no sense. Farmer Brown demands $50M from Gotham, but how much money did he spend on his massive indoor farming facility? Is he just going to break even? The monster designs are the only redeeming factor and even they seem out of place in this series.

Mean Seasons Worst Batman TAS episodes

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