Top 10 Worst Anime Parents

When it comes to story-telling, parents are often dead or jerks. That is just how things often are. In anime, this fact is no different. What better way to make a complex character than to give them the unfortunate luck to be raised by terrible people?

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There are many parents to choose from, so we definitely are not going to be able to tackle every horrible parent in this list. However, we are doubtless that those we put in this list are some of the worst. By the way, spoilers will be ahead! Here is our list of worst parents in anime.

10 Shou Tucker From Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

We got to get this man out of the way. He created one of the most traumatic scenes in anime history. Tucker sacrificed the lives of both his wife and daughter for his experiments. The disturbing scene is when it is revealed he physically combined his five-year-old daughter, Nina, and her pet dog, Alexander, into a chimera.

Perhaps the saddest part is that even after he alters his daughter, she still stands up for him and loves him all the same. She is not yet old enough to understand that he is evil.

9 Saika Gasai From Future Diary

Saika Gasai is a minor character with major consequences. She is the mother of Yuno Gasai and is a direct cause of her daughter's descent into madness. At first, she was a loving mother but she herself slowly lost her mind as her husband's work schedule made him too busy.

Saika took her frustrations out of Yuno by locking her in a cage with little to no food. For a time, Yuno endured this punishment willingly. However, it tremendously backfired when Yuno eventually locked both her parents in the same cage. They eventually died of dehydration.

8 Grisha Yeager From Attack On Titan

His is a man who cares way more for revolution than his own children. He messed up big time with his first son, Zeke, who he tried to groom from a young age to be a spy in the military. However, he was such an uncaring father that Zeke eventually saw the military as a better family and ultimately betrayed his mom and dad.

Grisha did not completely learn from his mistakes either. Though the doctor kept his past a secret from his second son, Eren, he still severely damaged his son by turning him into a titan. It's all the worse when you consider he made his son eat him to force the responsibility on Eren. Also because of that, Eren has only about eight more years to live.

7 Akemi Hinazuki From Erased

Akemi is the mother of Kayo and abuses her daughter. To make matters worse, the same can be said about her boyfriend and ex-husband. Akemi does everything in her power to lie about the abuse and to avoid child services. She even gets Kayo to lie for her when asked how she got hurt and pretends to be concerned about her. It has been hinted that Akemi used to be a caring mother, but that does not make a difference to the current situation.

Luckily Kayo gets taken in by the protagonist and his mom once they discover the abuse she is going through.

6 Charles Britannia From Code Geass

Not only was Lelouch's father a cruel dictator, but he was an awful father to his own children. It all boiled down to his philosophy: That the weak are to be thrown aside for the strong.

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Due to this, he paid no attention to his daughter Nunnally after she became blind and paralyzed in her legs. When a young Lelouch yelled at his father for ignoring her, his father disowned them both. No wonder he is considered one of the main villains of the show and manga.

5 Dario Brando From JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Dario is the father of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's major villain, Dio. Dario was an abusive father, an alcoholic, and a thief. In fact, he met Jojo's father while trying to steal from him. Due to a misunderstanding, Jojo's father instead thought Dario saved his life. Due to this, Dio eventually gets adopted by Jojo's family as a way to pay back Dario.

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Not only was he a terrible father to Dio, but he forced his wife to work so hard that she died. When Dario eventually dies, no one can blame Dio for being glad.

4 Saki Arima From Your Lie In April

Mother of the show's protagonist, Saki was a professional pianist. However, due to a terminal illness, she could no longer play. So she decides to live through her son, putting him through grueling piano lessons where she abuses him every time he makes a mistake.

Due to Saki's beatings, the protagonist goes to go through an entire series before he can enjoy his own musical talent again.

3 Almost Every Parent In Fruits Basket

There is a lot of family abuse in Fruits Basket. One notable parent is Momoji's mother, who saw him as a terrible creature rather than her son. She hated him so much that the family decided to erase her memories of Momoji so that she could be happy again.

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In the manga, Yuki's mom basically sold him to his abusive cousin. Then Akito's mom was the worst of the worst, getting jealous of how much time the father spent with the child to the point that she abused Akito and made her be raised as a man.

2 Kikyo And Silva Zoldyck From Hunter X Hunter

Killua was born into a family of assassins and began training to be the best killer by the age of three. By age eleven, he had killed countless people due to how he was raised by his parents, Silva and Kikyo. In fact, when he was six, they forced him to do a tournament in the Heavens Area where he spent two years to reach the 200th floor so that he could return home.

Even worse than all that, his parents eventually decided he did not have the mindset for a real assassin so they implanted a special needle in his head that remodeled his personality through fear.

1 Ragyo Kiryuin From Kill La Kill

Surprise surprise, the main antagonist is also a terrible mom. To Ragyo, her daughters are nothing more than tools. Her oldest daughter, Satsuki, gets violated by her. Her second daughter, Ryuko, is disposed of with no grief when Ragyo believes she is dead.

Ragyo also orders her third daughter to sacrifice her own life. Also, she tries to kill Ryuko and Satsuki when they both try to stop her from destroying humanity.

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