Worlds of DC Is the Perfect Name For Warner Bros.' Superhero Universe

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In the past, the DC Extended Universe was criticized for being too one-dimensional, mainly due its often overwhelming dark and violent tone. However, with Justice League flopping, it became apparent Warner Bros. wanted -- needed -- to recalibrate things to a warmer, superhero-friendly cinematic universe.

Enter the Worlds of DC, which for all intents and purposes is the rebranding of the DCEU. This new tag, which made its debut at Comic-Con International (though it's yet to be officially confirmed), seems to be an attempt not to paint a cinematic universe as Marvel Studios did, but a multiverse on the big screen.

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What makes it so perfect is it gives the studio the flexibility to be diverse in the content it produces, sating the appetite of fans from all walks of life who want many different things in their comic book movies.

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From the Shazam! and Aquaman trailers released at San Diego, is seems apparent Warner Bros. is scrubbing that bleak feel of old, adding adventure, humor and fun into its upcoming films, something it already achieved major success with on a critical and financial level via Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. Sure, Justice League had spots of altruism here and there with Superman returning from the dead in a more heroic vein, but its failures more or less reiterated drastic change was needed. Worlds of DC opens the door to facilitate this change and allows these flicks, seen as course-correction, to start a new era, so to speak.

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You can enjoy a magical adventure with Billy Batson and Co., see your fantasies come true in the underwater realm of Atlantis, and get back to grounded vigilantism as per the Bat-Family or Suicide Squad. Not to mention there's the cosmic world to explore with the likes of Superman, the New Gods and Green Lanterns on the horizon, ready to take you across the galaxy. The bottom line is, these properties (or franchises) can all live in their own unique spaces without forcing some sort of inorganic connection to each other. Well, until the studio wants to unite everyone to fight Darkseid, though that doesn't seem to be in the works for the near future.

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