World's Largest LEGO Store Opens In London

Move over, rest of the world. As of this morning, London can officially say it has the world’s largest LEGO store, which debuted by revealing a brick replica of Big Ben that stands nearly 20 feet tall.

That model of what may be the world’s most famous clock is the centerpiece inside the two-story store in Leicester Square. According to The Telegraph, the clock took nearly 2,280 hours to build, and actually features a working clock face that will be lit up at night. To go along with the opening celebrations, LEGO has introduced a new mascot for the store: Lester, a tea-drinking minifigure. Also teased is a replica of the London skyline, set to release sometime in January.

The Danish toymaker reportedly sold more than 72 billion LEGO “elements or pieces” last year, which is a truly staggering. The company's chief commercial officer, Loren Shuster, stressed that LEGO wants to “inspire and develop children across the globe," and praised the retail stores for “allowing children, parents, and fans to explore the many different LEGO products while getting a truly unique and immersive experience of the LEGO brand.”

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