World's Largest Collection of X-Men Memorabilia Will Put Yours to Shame

Guinness World Records has recognized Eric Jaskolka as the new record holder for the "Largest collection of X-Men memorabilia." Jaskolka's array of mutant-themed goods consists of 15,400 individual pieces ranging from backpacks to candy items.

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As with many X-Men fans, Jaskolka lists Wolverine as his favorite member of the mutant superhero team. "He constantly struggles with the question: is he a man or a beast?" Jaskolka told Guinness World Records. "He has these deadly claws that kill easily, like an animal, but he wants to be better, more man than beast; so he is in a constant struggle to contain his rage and anger. I think we all have different sides of our personality that we struggle with."

Upon receiving the prestigious award, Jaskolka added, "It’s great to be recognized. I like to share my accomplishments with others. Actually, I think my kids enjoy it more, because they like to show their friends my collection."

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Jaskolka's love of the X-Men began when his Sunday school teacher, who also owned a comic book shop, introduced him to the characters. Some of the highlights of his prized collection include Uncanny X-Men #268, which recaps a 1941 team-up between Wolverine, Captain America, and Black Widow, and the original ToyBiz X-Men line from 1991.

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