World's largest arcade machine is taller than an elephant

Guinness World Records has declared Jason Camberis' Arcade Deluxe as the "World's Largest Arcade Machine," and, really, who can argue?

A network engineer from Chicago, the 44-year-old Camberis spent two years building the gargantuan machine, which stands 4.41 meters high -- or, as Guinness so helpfully offers, "taller than a fully grown African elephant." The glass track ball is 16 inches in diameter. It's fully functional, too, loaded with more than 200 classic arcade games; it's also compatible with all game platforms.

"When people play the largest arcade machine in the world, it brings you back in time, to when you were young and you're were a lot shorter, and you felt that whole experience of being in front of a video game," says Camberis, who builds custom arcade games and security systems for a living. "Where you're looking up, you're grabbing the handles and just playing the game, being in the game."

(via Laughing Squid)

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