Worlds' Finest #5

Story by
Art by
Jerry Ordway, Wes Craig, George Perez, Serge Lapointe
Colors by
Letters by
Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by
DC Comics

"Worlds' Finest" #5 seems to be treading water from the start of the issue all the way through. Nothing of consequence happens to either Power Girl or Huntress, at least not anything in the present day. The two heroines are trapped on the primary DC Universe Earth (Earth Prime? Earth One?) and want to go home. This we know. Power Girl uses her considerable corporate assets to fund methods of investigating interdimensional travel. This we also know. These redundancies render this issue rather uninteresting.

To this point in the series, the art has been split between George Perez and Kevin Maguire. Perez would handle the modern day scenes and Maguire the flashbacks. Following the zero issue illustrated mostly by Maguire (with an assist from Wes Craig) this issue gives the former "Justice League" artist a reprieve as Perez is joined by Jerry Ordway and Wes Craig for this issue. Perez's pencilwork in this issue is essentially marginalized to a framing sequence as the flashbacks in this issue are more recent and individually feature the two heroines. Ordway handles Power Girl's portion of the story and Craig returns to duty on the art chores for Huntress. There's a great deal of serviceable artwork, but nothing stellar, extravagant or even overly memorable.

Levitz's writing seems to simply be keeping the seat warm. He pads Power Girl's playgirl image a bit with her flashback story and puts Huntress on the scene of a Take Back the Night rally that has some complications. Each of the characters flexes their muscles and shows off the abilities and personalities a bit, but in an unimpressive manner, and not too much more than "a bit." Plus, Levitz's elective use of some lazy slang (how many people really refer to their parents as "'rents"?) and burdensome narration in caption boxes makes this issue clock in as the most unimpressive of the series.

"Worlds' Finest" #5 shows what this book could become if it doesn't find a voice relatively soon. As part of the second wave of relaunched comics, this series was my most anticipated. Kevin Maguire and George Perez are among my favorite artists. To this point, however, we've got a half-year worth of comics and not a lot of story. As a matter of fact, "Worlds' Finest" can be summed up in a sentence: Karen and Helena want to go home, but they're not sure how to get there and don't know what to do. Hopefully Levitz and crew can figure out what to do to make "Worlds' Finest" a comic more worthy of that moniker. For now, it's simply "Worlds' Mediocre-est."

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