Worlds' Finest #10

Story by
Art by
Kevin Maguire
Colors by
Rosemary Cheetham
Letters by
Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by
DC Comics

"Worlds' Finest" #10, written by Paul Levitz with art from Kevin Maguire, seems to cover a large amount of ground without really doing anything. Opening up with Power Girl lashing out at Holt Industries locations under the guise of natural disasters, the story has some promise and motivation. Karen Starr and Helena Wayne have been attacked and traced the source back to Holt Industries, so they're being proactive.

Levitz interrupts that quest with the revelation that Huntress' not-quite-brother, Damian, has missed his timing to connect with the ladies. That leads to the revelation of what has happened to Damian and derails the story that seemed to be getting a slight inkling of direction. It's not so much that the moment feels forced or shoehorned in; it's just that it lacks soul. Maguire brings emotion through expression, but the story behind it is based on the presumption that the reader has read the goings on of "Batman Incorporated" #8 and feels the connection Huntress allegedly made to Damian in "Worlds' Finest" #7-8. It's fine that we get that recognition, but the end result is that the story really doesn't go in a forward direction.

If you're going to have an emotionally packed issue, Kevin Maguire is the artist to draw it. That said, it's not Huntress' scenes that give Maguire the best chance to shine in this issue. It's the scene set in the Holt Industries headquarters that really exhibits Maguire's talent. He draws four people over twelve panels on three pages that become studies in polish and skill. I haven't noticed it as much in previous issues, but Maguire is either inking himself or crafting his drawings digitally, which makes a bit of a difference in the overall appearance of his work and empowers colorist Rosemary Cheetham to absolutely go to town with the colors. The colorist applies shadows and shades on objects with deftness, truly becoming an artistic partner in "Worlds' Finest" #10.

In the end, when the back cover is closed, "Worlds' Finest" #10 just feels like a collection of set-up scenes, but the impending payoff just isn't that interesting. Power Girl and Huntress have a bone to pick with someone at Holt Industries and Batman caught a glimpse of Huntress (are we truly expected to believe Huntress was that successful in flying under the radar?). This isn't quite the stuff of thrilling comic books. Thankfully we had some issue saving art from Maguire and Cheetham.

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