'World without Young Justice' hits in April

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Since their debut as a team in 1998, Young Justice has grown to become a integral part of the DC Universe. But what would that universe be like if the Teen Team ceased to be?

That's the dangerous question posed by "World Without Young Justice," a 5-part storyline that begins in April and runs through YOUNG JUSTICE #44, IMPULSE #85, ROBIN #101, SUPERBOY #99, and May's YOUNG JUSTICE #45.

"As is the norm for YOUNG JUSTICE, this is a wacky crossover that's light on angst but big on 'What the?!'," says Senior Editor Eddie Berganza. "The premise developed by IMPULSE writer Todd Dezago with his editor, Joey Cavalieri, is that one of the team's major baddies comes back full of spite, anger and vengeance. And he uses poor li'l Impulse to undo the team's origin.

Bedlam, the powerful boy who separated the kids from the adults in JLA: WORLD WITHOUT GROWN-UPS (STAR08420), makes an unexpected return, this time using his extraordinary powers to prevent Young Justice from ever forming! But the DC Universe abhors a vacuum, and so, in YOUNG JUSTICE #44 (written by Peter David with art by Todd Nauck & Lary Stucker), a new version of the team has mysteriously arisen... a team made up of a bigger, more powerful Wonder Girl, a male Secret, and a deadly Arrowette. Their mission: to save Jason Todd from being murdered by his parents! That's right - Jason Todd!

In IMPULSE #85 (written by Todd Dezago with art by Carlo Barberi & Walden Wong), we learn that Bedlam has captured Impulse and forced our hero to create hundreds of alternate Impulses running through the time stream wreaking havoc on DCU history!

In ROBIN #101 (written by Jon Lewis with art by Rebecca Woods & Andrew Pepoy), Tim finds himself back in Gotham City, but things are amiss - beginning with the triumphant return of... Tim's mom?! But isn't she dead? Things only get stranger from there, as it seems a mystery girl is out there fighting crime... as Robin!

Then, in SUPERBOY #99 (written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Dan DiDio with art by Anthony Williams & Walden Wong) we revisit the death of Superman in his battle with Doomsday. In the aftermath, a clone is born. The clone's name? Doomsboy! Wait... Doomsboy?!?

So just what became of the Young Justice we know and love? The answer can be found in May's YOUNG JUSTICE #45, the concluding chapter of this epic.

The first chapter of "World Without Young Justice" is available for reorder as follows:

Part 1: YOUNG JUSTICE #44 (FEB020567): in stores April 3

The remaining four chapters are available for advance reorders as follows:

Part 2: IMPULSE #85 (FEB020569): in stores April 10

Part 3: ROBIN #101 (FEB020568): in stores April 17

Part 4: SUPERBOY #99 (FEB020570): in stores April 24

Part 5: YOUNG JUSTICE #45 MAR020410: in stores May 1

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