<i>World War Z</i> Weapons Warehouse Raided By Budapest Police

World War Z is shambling right along toward a 2012 release as production continues on the post-apocalyptic zombie flick. Things are being held up in Budapest right now, however, thanks to some real-life drama involving a warehouse full of functional automatic weapons. In case anyone was wondering, that's a bad thing.

The warehouse was raided on Monday by a SWAT team, which confiscated "85 fully-functional automatic weapons," according to US Weekly. Although paperwork from the prop company asserts the guns non-functional, they're apparently in working order. Honestly, it's probably better that they've been found and confiscated than used on a live set. Hollywood has seen far too many gun-related tragedies, and it looks like another might have been narrowly averted.

Unfortunately, this spells trouble for World War Z, which one source says is "over budget and over schedule." A source also reveals that Pitt is not to blame, but rather "the movie company's employees." Presumably he means the prop rental company? I'd prefer to think that Pitt and Plan B exist for the sole purpose of smuggling guns to all corners of the world. That's a movie I can get behind.

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