World War Z Sequel Targets March for Start of Production

world war z

The long-stalled sequel to 2013's World War Z may finally have a production start date.

According to Production Weekly, World War Z 2 will begin shooting this coming March under the working title Maximillian in Atlanta, Spain, Thailand and other locations.

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In 2018, producer Dede Gardner said the the film would start shooting in June, so this would mean that World War Z 2 might be ahead of schedule. This is good news for the film, which has had its production continually pushed back by Paramount.

World War Z 2 has had years of development woes and lost director J.A. Bayona (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) in 2016. Zodiac director David Fincher will replace Bayona, and it's said his film may draw more from the book than the first movie.

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Loosely based on the book by Max Brooks chronicling the aftermath of a zombie-plague outbreak, World War Z ditched much of the complex narrative structure of Brooks' book, considered unfilmable, for a more streamlined international thriller. World War Z stars Brad Pitt as a former UN investigator who has to race against the clock to find a solution to the worldwide zombie pandemic.

No release date has been announced for World War Z 2.

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