World War Hulk: 15 Reasons It's PERFECT For MCU Phase 4

world war hulk

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has brought us from a cave in the desert to the tranches of WWII to the realm of Asgard and the deepest reaches of space. Soon, in “Thor: Ragnorok,” we will be introduced to the savage planet of Sakaar. Many fans of Hulk will recognize this planet as the setting of the “Planet Hulk” storyline, one of the most popular for the character in modern history.

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In it, Hulk gets accidentally sent to Sakaar to protect the Earth from the destruction he can cause when not in control. This setting has many of us wondering if "World War Hulk" -- the sequel to "Planet Hulk," which sees the Jade Giant return to Earth for vengeance -- will get a movie, as well. The perfect time for a WWH movie would be after Infinity War finishes its cosmic battle. Not convinced? Here are 15 reasons that should do the trick...

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Sakaar 2 to 1

In one of the March issues of “Entertainment Weekly,” it was officially revealed that “Thor: Ragnarok” would be taking the God of Thunder to the planet Sakaar where he would be forced into gladiatorial combat against other people and creatures, including his “friend from work,” Hulk. While it remains to be seen just how much of the film will be taking place on Sakaar, the fact that it is being introduced at all is an intriguing piece of information. Why use that particular planet? Is this Marvel’s way of trying to incorporate a Hulk movie into the Thor movie? Are they going to build on top of its mythos?

While there are still many question that will remain unanswered for the time being, one thing is certain: if Marvel is using Sakaar for the reason of setting up a standalone Hulk movie, WWH would be the only logical choice to follow suit. By showing us the planet, it would give us a sense of place when we look back at possible flashbacks of Hulk’s time on the planet. We would be familiar and not just confused at this random planet that Hulk is on. It's universe building 101, and it could work very well in terms of constructing a grander story.


Timing 2 to 1

“Avengers: Infinity War” is bound to show us characters getting pushed together and torn apart again. Whether from in-fighting or character death, there’s no way that our heroes will be coming out of this event completely unscathed. "World War Hulk" would be ideally placed in Phase 4 of the MCU based on that reasoning. In the source material, the heroes are divided after the events of “Civil War” and the subsequent death of Captain America. There is no real time for them to start healing old wounds when, quite suddenly, Hulk shows up with a smashed Black Bolt demanding to confront the people who sent him away.

"World War Hulk" taking place after the "Infinity War" would mean that even though Hulk shows up to help in the fight against Thanos, he would get sent back to Sakaar. This could be easily seen as a choice made by Hulk if he sees a need to overthrow the Grandmaster who is shown to be in control of Sakaar in “Thor: Ragnarok.”


coexistence 2 to 1

One thing that Phase 3 succeeded in was bringing in Spider-Man to the MCU. While this was a drawn-out negotiation process between Marvel and Sony, the two studios proved that a multi-film sharing of characters was 100 percent viable. Spider-Man made his debut MCU appearance in “Captain America: Civil War” and is also getting his own standalone this year with “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (where Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man will be helping him fight Batma… er, sorry, The Vulture) as well as working alongside everyone in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

The legal red tape that surrounded Spidey is like that surrounding the Hulk. With Spider-Man, Marvel wanted to buy him back, but that would have been costly. So, the deal that was struck is mutually beneficial by not taking anything from the other company. Marvel gets to use Spidey and keep the money from their own movies, while Sony gets to use certain characters like Iron Man, and Marvel doesn’t get a cut of their box office. Universal could learn from this deal, the issue there is that Universal just seems to be sitting on the property instead of doing anything with it, therefore this deal would only be beneficial to Marvel... unless the other guys smartened up.


Warbound 2 to 1

In the “Planet Hulk” story line, Hulk teams up with a group of characters that come to be known as his Warbound. These characters fought alongside Hulk in his gladiator matches and they all learned to watch each other’s backs. When the capital city of Sakaar is destroyed in an explosion that came from the shuttle which brought Hulk to planet, Hulk became convinced that it was made by those who sent him away with the intent to kill him. This made his friends take up arms and join in his assault on Earth.

It was recently revealed by Director Taika Waititi that “Thor: Ragnarok” would not only feature Hulk, but two of his Warbound as well. While we will be shown Miek and Korg the Kronan, (the latter of whom will be played by the Director himself), World War Hulk would give the opportunity to show the remaining Warbound Hiroim the Shamed, No-name the Brood and Elloe Kaifi. These characters would help cement the idea in the audience’s heads that even though Hulk is trying to tear apart heroes, he is doing what he thinks is right with not just an army, but a family behind him.


Sentry 2 to 1

The Sentry was an old friend of Hulk’s, being strangely calmed by the Sentry's aura. The golden guardian of good was full of mental issues and Hulk should very obviously be in anger management, so the two found comfort in each other’s company. It is for this reason that Reed Richards and Tony Stark ask the Sentry for aid once they receive the message from Hulk that he will smash the planet if they don’t surrender themselves. The thought is that even if Sentry can’t calm Hulk down, he is the most likely person to be able to beat him in combat.

If Marvel were to ever bring the Sentry into the MCU, "World War Hulk" is a logical place to do it. Even if they didn’t want to bring him in within that particular movie, they would need to introduce him at some point before the war so that they have someone in the MCU who would be up to the challenge of putting Hulk down. The character of the Sentry would also be a welcome addition to the MCU, as he would bring a history of both power and problems, both of which could be delved into and explored in his own movie later on.


Fantastic Agents 2 to 1

While cooperation between all movie studios would be ideal for a WWH movie, some are harder to crack than others. Then again, a fantastic replacement for the Four may not be hard to come by. Ever since the death of Agent Phil Coulson in “The Avengers,” fans have been wondering when, if ever, the team from “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” will come into the movie-verse. It’s already been established through multiple episodes of the show that the two are still connected, so all we need is to come full circle and reintegrate.

The biggest role that the Fantastic Four had in "World War Hulk" was when the team partnered with Black Panther and his wife Storm to create a machine to simulate the energy of the Sentry to calm Hulk down. This plan backfired spectacularly, and Reed Richards (who was also part of the Illuminati -- the group that chose to send Hulk away) was taken hostage. These roles could very easily be filled by Coulson and his team, the key pieces being Agents Fitz and Simmons to cook up that Sentry machine.



A huge draw for crowds to “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was the fight shown in the trailers between Hulk and Tony Stark in his Hulkbuster armor. Another time, albeit short lived, that Tony brought out this massive armor was during Hulk’s invasion of New York. Donning the armor, and giving a heartfelt speech about how this is his responsibility, Tony confronts Hulk in a battle that levels Stark Tower and ends in Tony’s capture.

While this fight alone would still be exciting to see in movie form, it would be a little old considering the fact that in “Age of Ultron,” the two essentially did the same thing and leveled a building, although in a different locale. What would make this more intense would be to introduce Black Panther’s version of a Hulkbuster armor as well and have the three duke it out, showing just how much can be thrown at the overpowered version of the Hulk in this story.


Family built on rage 2 to 1

One of the most (if not THE most) heartbreaking things in "World War Hulk" is the apparent death of Hulk’s wife Caiera the Oldstrong, as well as their unborn child. When the bomb goes off that destroys Crown City, Hulk tries to protect Caiera, but fails. This is the final nail in the coffin which sends Hulk and his Warbound to Earth for justice. Little did Hulk know that his family survived the explosion.

While we will need to wait and see if Caiera is a surprise character in “Thor: Ragnarok,” it would be well worth the effort to establish her existence. From the shadow of death, not only would we have a universe with Hulk’s wife in it, but also his twin sons. This could open up a lot of possibility with future Hulk films, as well as establishing the multiple personality trait of the Hulk past just Hulk and Banner. While Caiera may need to stay confined to a flashback, Skaar could definitely make a good enemy for Hulk.


worldbreaker 2 to 1

One of the most intriguing things about Hulk as a character has always been his split personalities. Each one not only has a completely different backstory, they sometimes change color scheme as well. From Joe Fix-it to Wendihulk, there have been dumb, smart, mobster and vengeful versions of the Green Goliath and everything in between. But none has been more powerful than WWH's Green Scar.

The Green Scar was born from Hulk’s need to survive on Sakaar. Also, known as the World Breaker or Sakaarson, this version of the Hulk was not only powerful, but very intelligent; especially when it came to combat. With most of Hulk’s other personas, it goes one way or another; either he gets seriously strong yet dumb as a rock, or smarter and more cunning, but nowhere near as strong. The Green Scar is by far the strongest version of Hulk’s persona to date, has the brain to match and the added ability of reverting back to human form at will, which is not normally seen. If you thought the Hulk was impressive before, well... you ain't seen nothin' yet.


science bros 2 to 1

The friendship between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in the MCU is the stuff of legend. Whether talking about gamma radiation or thermonuclear astrophysics, the pair couldn’t be closer. That would all come to a grinding halt, however, if Tony took a page out of the book of his comic counterpart and voted to send Hulk away. The friendship that so many fans have dubbed “Science Bros.” would no longer exist if WWH were ever to come to fruition.

In the comics, are Tony and Bruce friends? Yes, but they aren’t as close as the movies have come to portray them. Although the choice that Tony makes to vote on sending Hulk away is in no way a personal decision based on Bruce, Tony DID make the decision. In this kind of movie, not only would it bring more rage to Hulk, it would also bring to Tony yet another thing he has torn apart with his choices. As the movies have progressed, Tony has gotten more and more divided in his mind, mostly due to his own choices. The complexity this would add between these two would help to cement that story.


Illuminati 2 to 1

The Illuminati have been around supposedly for thousands of years; a secret society behind the curtain of anything and everything that goes on throughout the world. In the case of "World War Hulk," the Illuminati consisted of Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Charles Xavier and Namor. While the latter two were uninvolved in the decision to send Hulk away, that doesn’t stop Hulk from going after Xavier.

The Illuminati for the movie would have to be slightly changed, but if we go with the plan of changing the Fantastic Four to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., then Reed Richards could easily be replaced with Agent Coulson. As someone who had been the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson would be ideally placed in that group as a person who could make the tough call, even though Hulk is considered a friend. This would also solidify the reason to bring the Agents back into the movie realm.


other hulks 2 to 1

We know this is contingent on our earlier point about studio drama, but it's nice to dream, right? (And hey, remember when Spider-Man coming to the MCU was impossible?) At the end of "World War Hulk," ol' Greenskin seemingly dies or at the very least gets carted away unconscious. This ending could open up a new realm of possibilities for the other Hulk characters of the Marvel universe. In the original material, we also see She-Hulk and Doc Samson fighting on the street level alongside other heroes trying to keep the peace, the prior doing her best to calm Hulk down.

As mentioned before, we could also see Skaar showing up at some point in time, so that coupled with She-Hulk and Doc Samson would be good building blocks for if Marvel Studios ever did get the rights to Hulk back and could easily make more of his own standalone movies. She-Hulk herself is involved with so many different super teams at different points in her career, as well as having her own epic stories, that the introduction of her is well passed overdue. Now, if only the studios can get their acts together!


gladiators 2 to 1

On the planet Sakaar, the biggest form of entertainment is gladiatorial combat. We will be getting at least a taste of this when “Thor: Ragnarok” hit theaters with a hopefully epic bout between the God of Thunder and Green Goliath. In "World War Hulk," not only does Hulk come back for the justice of his newfound home and death of his family, he comes back with an army, and he makes an arena.

Having attached an obedience disc to every hero that was captured, Hulk forces the Illuminati into gladiatorial combat against one another. Reed goes up against Tony, while the latter has no armor, and Reed is going full force at him with a mace. While it looks like Hulk is going to have them all kill each other, he stops them right before the final blow and tells them that he is not back for their deaths, but for justice. While obviously certain aspects would need to be changed, it would be awesome to see any of the Illuminati face off against each other.


mark ruffalo 2 to 1

One thing that Mark Ruffalo has as an actor is range. He can be a by-the-book FBI agent as seen in “Now You See Me,” or the seemingly mild mannered detective with a secret from “Shutter Island.” With the introduction of the Green Scar persona mentioned earlier, we would have the opportunity to see his range brought to Hulk. While Ruffalo’s Hulk is seemingly smarter than certain other iterations, it would be well worth it to see what he could bring to the Green Scar.

The thing with Green Scar is that while there is the obvious rage he taps into to smash everyone getting in his way, there is also the quiet rage going through his head and coming through as he issues his ultimatum to New York or when he saves a group of people from a falling building caused by Dr. Strange, and points out what Strange had done to himself. Indeed, the range of this rage would be very interesting to explore on-screen.


netflix 2 to 1

Something that would be a new piece to puzzle of the MCU is more involvement from the Netflix side of things in the main universe. Whether showing Hulks rampage through the streets of New York in the shows themselves, or seeing the Netflix characters deal with the fallout after the fact, there is a solid place for them in this story.

On one hand, the characters could show up in the movie, showing them protecting civilians and trying to keep everything under control at the street level. In this instance, we could also see the likes of Hercules and his team, or even Ghost Rider, show up to fight Hulk. On the other hand, after Hulk has been beaten and everything is over, we could see them back in their own shows doing their best to cleanup and get things back to normal again; showing people that even though one of their heroes had almost destroyed the city, they would ensure that everything was going to be okay.

Do you think World War Hulk should lead Marvel Phase 4? If not, what should? Let us know in the comments!

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