World Television Day Map Reveals Favorite Show of Every Country

It might be easy to guess the habits of American and British viewers (maybe Game of Thrones or Doctor Who, respectively), but you might not know what Mongolian or North Korean viewers love to watch. However, a new infographic now charts the best-rated shows by country, highlighting what people all over the world like to binge.

The map, compiled by recommendation site RAVE Reviews, offers some intriguing insights into viewing habits from almost every country in the world. The site employed user ratings from IMDb to gather the data, and the results may or may not surprise you.

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The Netflix series Dark dominates the ratings in Germany, and Sri Lanka's long-running series, Koombiyo (Ants), tops the charts there, although its future is in question since its showrunner went missing. Meanwhile, countries in Africa like Morrocco and Kenya prefer crime-dramas.

"We used IMDb to find TV shows produced in each country and sorted them by User Rating to find the highest-rated shows," RAVE revealed. "In many cases the shows with the highest ratings had too few votes to constitute a reliable sample, so we sorted the list by Number of Votes to find the highest-rated show with the highest number of votes."

In countries that didn't have any television offerings to rank, the list provides shows that spend a substantial amount of time filming there, giving representation to a large swath of countries globally. Most of all, though -- statistics aside -- the map offers choices for the adventurous TV viewer, giving them the opportunity to explore other cultures, languages, and television styles.

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