World Art Drop Day creates a global hunt for original art

Have you ever wanted to discover a piece of original art in the wild? Well, now's your chance. Today is World Art Drop Day, an initiative begun by Missile Mouse creator Jake Parker that encourages all artists -- whether it's professional or amateur -- to drop a piece of art wherever they find themselves and provide clues on social media to help people find it. The inspiration came from Parker's own art drop, in which he left sketches around the United States for enterprising fans to discover.

Among the many artists participating are Mouse Guard creator David Petersen, Ben Caldwell (who most recently drew the Gen-13 backup story in Supergirl #33) and Who is Jake Ellis? artist Tonci Zonjic. Many more are participating across the globe. Clues and posts about the initiative can currently be found using the hashtag #artdropday.

I'll be hiding a few pieces of orig artwork here around Ferndale, MI today as part of #ArtDropDay. I'll tweet details when there're stashed

— David Petersen (@mouseguard) September 2, 2014


Left a free #artdropday daily doodle in west reading, PA! Hop to it, gang! pic.twitter.com/yaWstOlSAQ

— ben caldwell (@bencaldwellart) September 2, 2014


Here's the drawing I've hidden: + if you mention you're participating in #artdropday, you get 25% off hellboy books! pic.twitter.com/5MssslImIS

— tonci zonjic (@tozozozo) September 2, 2014


DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee did something similar during Comic-Con Internationa, giving away 50 free sketches for his 50th birthday, and inserting them into fans' bags or slipping them under hotel room doors throughout the weekend.

If you want to participate in World Art Drop Day, Parker has provided a printable PDF with instructions on how to go about it.

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