Wordless Workshop

Today is Dialogue Free Comics Day, when webcomics creators all over the world shake off the chains of verbal narrative, send their letterers out to the pub for a drink, and draw comics that tell stories using pictures alone. (Sound effects are allowed but discouraged.) As the day goes on you can track new entries on Twitter using the tag #DFCD.

Noel Curry, the creator of the webcomic DJ Bogtrotter, came up with the idea back in March as a challenge to help him focus on the visual aspects of comics. It caught on like a mad internet meme, and Curry is collecting the worldless works at his blog. One of the interesting things about this is that since anyone can play, you get a mix of well-known comics like Box Brown's Bellen and Tony Piro's Calamities of Nature with curious little comics from all corners of the internet (with a wide range of quality), so it's a chance to discover something new.

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