Wordballoon Podcast with Mike Mignola

John Siuntres, from wordballoon.com, stops by Comic Book Resources to share this great seasonal chat with Hellboy's real dad, artist/writer Mike Mignola.

Mike sets the table for the big red guy's animated debut in the Film Roman production "Sword of Storms," which premieres Saturday October 28th on the Cartoon Network. The DVD release is expected in February.

Mike also talks about Hellboy's beginnings, the upcoming new Dark Horse Comics mini-series with Duncan Fegredo, an Abe Sapien mini series, more "BPRD," and the pulp inspired hero Lobster Johnson.

You'll hear about Mike's art influences, collaborating with artists like Guy Davis, Richard Corben, and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. Plus, a lengthy tease covering "Hellboy 2," which has just begun pre-production.

(15 Megs, 42 Minutes, MP3 Format)

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