Wood's Finest: Chainsaw carver sculpts 'The Bark Knight'

The Dark Knight has been depicted in numerous mediums, but what about wood? Sure, comics are technically made out of wood -- but this is on a different level.

Chainsaw carver Thomas Earing has taken his tools to a silver maple, creating this 7-foot tall piece he calls, fittingly enough, The Bark Knight.  The Washington-based artist has been making these types of sculptures for 12 years, according to an interview with KOMO News, and estimates that pieces such as this take at least 30 hours to complete.

"To me, a chainsaw is just a 3- pencil," Earing said. "You start scratching in the details. You try to get shadows. It just starts revealing a surface just like a printer would print."

Here's a bigger look at this gorgeous piece:

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