Wood puts his money down on <i>Northlanders</i>, <i>DMZ</i>

Last week iFanboy's Talksplode podcast posted a lengthy interview with Brian Wood, who talked about all of his various "D" projects -- Demo, DMZ, DV8 -- as well as Northlanders. Close to the end of the conversation, he said that he plans to offer a money-back guarantee on the third Northlanders trade paperback, which is due in stores the first week of March.

"If someone hates it they can mail it back to me and I'll pay them back," Wood said, adding he'll share formal details on the offer soon. This trade collects several shorter arcs and single-issue stories from Northlanders -- specifically issues 9 and 10, as well as 17-20. Issue 17, "The Viking Art of Single Combat," is probably the best issue of the series thus far, and the two-part "Shield Maidens" tale follows closely behind it.

In addition to giving fans a risk-free option for checking out Northlanders, today Wood also gave fans a good reason to check out DMZ #50 -- he and Fabio Moon are doing a four-page story in it called "Little Plastic Toys" about cluster munitions, and he plans to donate his page rate for it to stopclustermunitions.org. The comic comes out this Wednesday.

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