Wood and Kelly's "LOCAL" gets hardcover collection treatment from Oni

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Coming this September, all twelve issues of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly's LOCAL are collected in a beautiful hardcover bookshelf edition. What does it mean to be a "local"? Where do you call "home"? Each of the 12 issues of LOCAL stand alone, while tying in thematically with one another. The series follows the travels of Megan McKeenan as she discovers herself, while she discovers America. Crossing genres as it crosses the country, LOCAL examines how where you live impacts who you are. Each issues gives the reader another year in Megan's life, as she tries to find a place where she fits in, where she can truly be local.

"LOCAL is the book I'm proudest of, hands-down," said Eisner nominated writer Brian Wood "and the care and trouble Oni Press has shown in collecting it in such a gorgeous hardcover really completes the whole experience for me."

Oni Press Editor in Chief James Lucas Jones commented, "I really can't put into words how excited I am about the LOCAL hardcover. Brian is such a versatile storyteller; he's able to move from horror to romance to action seamlessly, and Ryan's able to adapt right along with him. They have both done their research to make these stories not only visually accurate, but emotionally resonant as well. Each town has its own vibe, and these guys capture that completely."

Managing Editor Randal C. Jarrell stated "Beside the intrinsic value of the work both as art and narrative, the fact that the book comes in at a $29.99 price point makes it a must own for any serious comic scholar or collector. LOCAL is simply one of the best series ever made."

The LOCAL over-sized hardcover comes cloth-bound, smith-sewn, with gorgeous full color cover including a special metallic fifth color. Inside you'll find 384 pages of some of the most stunning black and white art ever set in print along with a series of extras including all the original and reprint full color covers and all first printing issue essays.

"Perfect three-minute single. You're going to want this one. Trust me." - Warren Ellis "the sharpest slices of life the medium has ever seen. Highly recommended." - Brian K. Vaughan "a rare and enviable thing... painfully easy to enjoy."- Gail Simone "the coolest short film never shown on the IFC or Sundance Channel." - Sequential Tart

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