Wood and Cloonan's 'Demo' #2 to be free overshipped, 3 page preview

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 24, 2003) In order to simultaneously thankretailers, keep that DEMO avalanche rolling, and herald the next storyin the already-acclaimed maxi-series, publisher Larry Young announcedtoday that copies of DEMO #2 will be free overshipped to retailers. "Andwhen I say 'free' I mean free," Young said. "Fully fifty percent of aretailer's initial orders on the second issue of Brian Wood and BeckyCloonan's DEMO will be added to their orders for free. If a retailerordered 100 copies of #2, he's getting 150. If he ordered fifteen, he'sgetting twenty-three, and I'm personally picking up the tab. Not onlycan he or she use those extra copies to give away to folks who may havebeen initially reluctant to try it, or to those who want to know whatall the noise is about; not only can he sell 'em and keep the money asmy thanks for supporting the book... but I'm paying the extra freightour distributor, Diamond, charges, as well. It's all free to theretailer!"

Young has had this innovative marketing strategy work before. "We'reknown primarily for our quality graphic novel line, and sometimes peopleforget that AiT/Planet Lar got its start publishing the regular-formatcomic books. Four years ago, when we published ASTRONAUTS IN TROUBLE:SPACE 1959 #1, and we did our first freight-paid overship, that didgangbusters, and sold like crazy," Young said, "so it only made sensefor us to utilize that beneficial marketing strategy for Brian andBecky's monthly 'superhero' book."

What does this mean for the fan and the reader? "It's a seamless thing,"said writer Brian Wood. "Larry is well aware that retailers are makingtheir initial orders for the second issue of DEMO before they have anopportunity to judge sales on the first one, and that creates a veryreal financial burden on the retailer. Sort of an unnatural,disproportionate financial burden, if you ask me. So, Larry and Beckyand I believe 100% in our work, and we believe in our retailers, too, sowe figure we'll meet them halfway. It's an old comic book industryreality that orders drop a little on the second and third issues becauseof the way the ordering process works. So we are going to combat thatinitial drop by overshipping the second issue: if you bought a firstissue of DEMO at a shop, this is our guarantee that you can get thesecond issue the same place you bought that first one."

AiT/Planet Lar production co-ordinator Ryan Yount emphasizes this part,too. "But this bit of the trick is not to just have the first issueavailable to everybody who wants it, but to have all issues availableall throughout the year. That's our commitment to the whole process:Brian and Becky are doing, basically, twelve individual original graphicnovels. It's not a maxi-series, like SECRET WARS or something; DEMO is acoherent whole with twelve distinct parts that rewards readers who arepaying attention."

"Let's face it, in the current market for comics nowadays, you need tonot only put out your comic on time, every time, but you also need a wayto stand out from the crowd," said Young. "I don't think variant coversand gimmicks are the way to do it, frankly; I think if you put a qualitycomic in somebody's hand, they'll have an entertaining experience. I'mjust putting my money where my mouth is."

DEMO #2: "Emmy," will hit stores December 10, 2003

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