Woo & Ennis Create New Property for Virgin Comics

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New York, NY – Newly formed Virgin Comics is collaborating with Tiger Hill Entertainment, film-maker John Woo and partner Terence Chang's creative shingle, along with best-selling comic book writer, Garth Ennis to create Seven Brothers. The comic book series is set to debut in mid-October, it was announced today by Sharad Devarajan, Virgin Comics' chief executive.

John Woo created many top selling films in Hong Kong before moving to the United States where he has directed John Travolta and Nicholas Cage in Face/Off and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II, both for Paramount.

Author Garth Ennis is one of the best selling English-language comic writers. His work includes ground-breaking action titles Punisher and Preacher for DC Comics.

Yoshitaka Amano will be painting original cover art for each of the Seven Brothers comics. Mr. Amano is best known for his work illustrating the best selling Vampire Hunter D graphic novel series and the Final Fantasy video games. Superstar artist Greg Horn will provide a variant cover for the premiere issue.

"For me, working in comics is quite comfortable - it's like the ultimate storyboard. Garth has taken a seed of an idea I had about famous Chinese folklore to a whole new level that creates a modern, global story. The depth that Garth brings to his writing and the visuals that the Virgin comics team and artists like Amano contribute creates an art form with comics that is unique and yet, clearly a brother to the film medium," said creator John Woo.

Added Woo's long time producing partner Terence Chang: "We are excited to partner with Virgin for our debut in the world of comics. Garth Ennis is an enormously talented writer and we look forward to exploring this title with him in the comic book medium and beyond. We see creating SEVEN BROTHERS as a comic book first, which is in turn the perfect springboard to take this title into film and games."

"As an avid comic book collector for many years, it's a dream come true to participate in the development of comic book history. We anticipate a long relationship with the comic book world and couldn't have asked for a more perfect first date," says Lori Tilkin, VP of Tiger Hill.

Indeed echoed Virgin's co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Gotham Chopra, "we're especially excited to work with John and Terence and their team at Tiger Hill because they understand better than most the brave new world of leveraging creative ideas across multiple platforms. It's an honor for us to debut our Director's Cut line of comics with their leadership. Garth's take on John's idea is awesome and we are thrilled to bring it to the world."

Virgin Comics Director's Cut line aims to launch comic titles in collaboration with iconic film-makers. Woo's Seven Brothers is the debut comic of the Director's Cut line. Virgin Comics plans to announce several more partnerships in the coming months.

"All they had to say was 'John Woo' and I was sold instantly," added Garth Ennis.

About Virgin Comics:

Virgin Comics LLC (www.VirginComics.com) was founded in November 2005 by Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Enterprises Ltd. (www.virgin.com), alongside author Deepak Chopra, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and Gotham Entertainment Group LLC (www.GothamComics.com), South Asia's leading publisher of comic magazines. The company has offices in New York City, Santa Monica and Bangalore, India.

About Tiger Hill Entertainment:

Tiger Hill is the sister company to Lion Rock Productions, Woo and Chang's feature film and television company responsible for such films as BROKEN ARROW, FACE/OFF, THE REPLACMENT KILLERS, THE CORRUPTOR, THE BIG HIT, ANNA AND THE KING, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II, WINDTALKERS and PAYCHECK. Known for pushing new ground in action combined with intense drama when their collaboration began in Hong Kong, Chang and Woo are right at the forefront of the digital action arena and flexing their producing muscles in both animation and video games. Tiger Hill is run by Lori Tilkin whose slate includes the next-gen videogame release STRANGLEHOLD for Midway in 2007. Also set to debut next year is the company's first anime EX MACHINA, the sequel to the 2005 feature anime APPLESEED by Shirow Masamune (GHOST IN THE SHELL) and directed by Shinji Aramaki (ROBOTECH). Feature animation projects are also in development for family entertainment alongside the edgier anime.

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