Won't you help Stan Lee reach 1 million Twitter followers?

Of all the worthwhile causes clamoring for our attention, few tug at the heartstrings like the plight of Stan Lee, aka "The Man." You see, while many so-called "celebrities" -- Kim Kardashian! Charlie Sheen! Donald Trump! -- have millions of Twitter followers, the beloved writer, editor, actor, action figure and generalissimo has ... well, a lot less than that.

"How many aren't hearing this desperate man's cries of 'Excelsior!' over the Internet?" Attack of the Show! alum Alison Haislip asks in the moving PSA below. Too many, Alison Haislip. Too damned many.

But you can help: One click -- one simple click -- goes a long way toward making lil' Stan Lee's dreams of 1 million Twitter followers a reality. Is that too much to ask to bring a smile to The Man's face? Act now; operators are standing by.

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