WonderCon: Vertigo Looks Ahead

After the laughter died down Vaughan said that there were probably places where he'd like to tweak some dialogue throughout the story, but he didn't want to "pull a George Lucas" and make any major revisions.

Guerra said the only thing she wishes that she'd done differently is differentiate some of the characters more; as the book heads towards its close, she's currently faced with the challenge of featuring three similar-looking characters in the same scenes.

Vaughan joked, "Well, isn't that the point of the book? That all women are the same?" which met with laughter from the audience.

Guerra was asked if she knew what the last page of "Y: The Last Man" looked like, to which she eagerly replied, "He's going to tell me this week! Hopefully tonight." Vaughan nodded and followed up, "She's known everything up to this point, but I've always been reluctant to talk to the end moments, because I'm sure she's going to say that [the ending] is profoundly stupid." The room exploded with laughter.

The question was asked if Vertigo would ever move away from monthly books entirely and release serialized graphic novels instead. Vankin replied that Vertigo has a strong monthly audience, and that monthly issues weren't likely to go away anytime soon. Vankin and Cunningham agreed that there were some titles that would probably perform better in a trade paperback format, but the business model isn't in place for it.

Vaughan was asked what the impetus behind Marvel character The Hood was, and how much control he had over the character. Vaughan quipped that he was really just trying to write a Vertigo-style book at Marvel, which met with laughs. After the laughter died down, he said that between Brian Michael Bendis using The Hood in upcoming stories and Joss Whedon taking over Runaways, he felt like he was putting his children up for adoption, except it was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopting them, and that they were in good hands. The audience member asked which one was which, and Vaughan laughed and said "Oh, Bendis is Jolie, no doubt!"

When asked how to break into the industry, the entire panel replied that persistence and hard work were two of the most important factors.

Asked if Vaughan and Guerra would continue to work together after the end of "Y: The Last Man," Vaughan stated that there are no plans on the table right now, but that they would both like to do more work in the future.

Vaughan said that progress is being made on the "Y: The Last Man" movie. Vaughan has submitted a script to New Line, and that the studio is currently looking at directors.

Work on the "Preacher" television show continues, but Vertigo is not involved at all.

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