WonderCon: Spotlight on Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder is ready for the spotlight at this year's WonderCon as he takes the stage to spill the secrets of his plans for the DC Universe -- and following the massive news from the DC Publishers panel earlier this morning, Metal #6 hitting shelves next week and his first ever run on Justice League looming just over the horizon, secrets are something he has in bulk.

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Snyder kicked off the panel by giving a heartfelt thank you to fans for allowing him to enact his vision on the Justice League. "My goal is to make you feel like you're getting more for your hard earned money."

"To kick off the panel I just want to hear from you guys, I'll spoil anything for you. Dan and Jim aren't here," Snyder laughed, and then opened the floor questions.

The first came from a young fan asking about the best route to take in school to become a comic writer. "So, the answer to that is when I was younger it was really hard -- but now people have the means to make comics for themselves. The truth is, if you go to DC with a Batman comic, they're just going to steal it from you, flat out, that's their property. They have the right to do that. There's no pitching your story to DC about their characters. You're not pitching a story with your story, you're pitching yourself. I got my start in prose, and I was totally broke, but that's what got me noticed."

"If you want to do this, you have to make it your job. If that means taking shitty jobs that you don't like, so be it. It's like having a secret identity -- you have to know that this is your real job, that's what will get you through it," Snyder said candidly, "I was a janitor at Disney World [...] when everyone at my high school reunion is on Wall Street."

"Your resume is you, not your story about Batman, it's always you. It's 'This is what I can do. I can finish a product."

Scott then teased his upcoming project with Greg Capullo, which apparently was originally intended to be done with Sean Murphy, "Capullo has six issues left on his DC contract until he re-ups or whatever, so what we realized is that we've never worked together not on-the-grind," he explained, "So that's what Last Knight on Earth is going to be."

He continued, switching tracks, "Writing Justice League is the most fun I've ever had at DC. I learned how to do a team book with American Vampire and Metal so I'm very, very confident."

"I've ever done symbols for both Justice League and the Legion of Doom," He continued about his designs for the Hall of Justice and the Legion of Doom headquarters, "The two opposing forces are justice and doom -- it's Martian Manhunter and whoever is leading the Legion."

He went on to tease the first issue of Justice League including a moment about Batman needing to detonate bombs he placed in the moon, "He's like the crazy uncle of the Justice League. He's always got these plans that no one should have ever come up with."

"The Justice League cartoon and the Morrison run are baked into the DNA of my Justice League run," Snyder confessed when asked about his inspiration for the story.

He confirmed the return of Wytches in the fall with Jock to applause from fans in the audience -- don't worry, it's still in the works. The arc will be coming first as as a 60-page special prelude they plan on releasing for "extremely cheap." It will be called Wytches: The Bad Egg, which will build into the second arc of the story.

When asked about tempering Bruce Wayne's darkness with his humanity, Scott responded, "Let me tell you this: every superhero story has already been told. The only way you're going to be original is to be vulnerable on the page. You have to be honest about what you're afraid of, what this superhero makes you brave in the face of. That makes an original story."

"I want you to feel like 'This is the book I've been waiting for!' with Justice League but I'm also Trojan Horse'ing in these things I feel scared about," he said of his work on the title.

A fan of the different Dark Knights asked about their future, to which Snyder responded that there's more coming for them -- toys, the works. "The last thing we want is for you to feel like you're being gamed. We don't want Metal to end with no consequences. We want you to feel like every story engenders bigger, better stories. The Dark Multiverse is continuing on through Justice League Dark, Odyssey -- another book I can't talk about with Bryan Hill with Black Lighting and others..."

"I can tell you honest, as someone who wouldn't shill for them if I didn't think it was great, this has been the best moment for DC -- the stuff coming with Black Label, Zoom, Ink, it's amazing," Snyder said, "They understand there's a neighborhood for everything, and everybody has a book they can pick up."

Switching gears from Batman, Snyder began talking about his take on Superman, "Superman agrees to the tenets of no country in the world which means that every country is going to build Kryptonite bombs to stop him -- he's built this human identity he's going to age out of in a few years, he's ephemeral, he's doomed -- but he follows the ethical compass that was passed down to him by his parents, and that's inspirational to me."

"Tom King likes to not know where he's going, he likes to find out along the way," Snyder said of his fellow Batman-scribe, "I'm the opposite way. I have to know where I'm going. That works for me."

In closing, Snyder circled back and highlighted the presence of Martian Manhunter in his Justice League run, saying that he's the star of the story and teasing that there is "a secret" about him or his story that we have yet to uncover.

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