WonderCon Shines With Stellar Line-Up Of Guests

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SAN FRANCISCO – WonderCon, California's second largest gathering for fans and professionals of comic books, movies, television and all things pop-culture, announced Nick Cardy and Gene Colan as additional guests to their already stellar lineup.

WonderCon takes place at the Moscone Center South in San Francisco on Friday, March 2, through Sunday, March 4, 2007, and features programming, games, and a masquerade contest in addition to an exhibit hall featuring the top names in comic book publishing.

Celebrating its 21 st year, WonderCon has not only features special panels and programs on all aspects of comics as well as special presentations from major movie studios but has also expanded the already giant exhibit hall in direct response to overcrowding issues at the 2006 event.

WonderCon also announced that pre-registration is available at select Bay Area stores as well as online at www.comic-con.org

While programming is still in the works, these guests have already confirmed for the three-day event:        

Nick Cardy

        A fan-favorite artist of the Golden and Silver Age, Nick Cardy's career started with work for Will Eisner and Quality Comics. He also worked on the Tarzan newspaper strip before moving over to DC (National) in the late 40s, where he worked on titles such as Mr. District Attorney , Daniel Boone and House of Mystery . During the super hero boom in the 60s, Nick did memorable art on Teen Titans , Aquaman and the seminal Western hero, Bat Lash . In the 70s, Cardy was DC's go-to artist, illustrating hundreds of covers for the company.


Gene Colan

        Gene Colan started his career at Marvel's precursor, Timely Comics. From the 60s into the 80s, Colan was one of the top artists at Marvel, penciling titles such as Iron Man , Daredevil , Doctor Strange , Sub-Mariner and Howard the Duck. His moody, shadowy and evocative pencils were perfect for titles like Tomb of Dracula , and some of his best work is on that title. In the 80s, he moved over to DC and penciled titles such as Batman, Wonder Woman and Night Force .

Sergio Aragonés

        A longtime fixture at WonderCon, Sergio Aragonés will be bringing the 25th anniversary of Groo with him in 2007! Sergio is the world's fastest cartoonist, and among his claims to fame are destroying both the DC and Marvel Universes and a long career in the pages of Mad magazine.


Mark Evanier

        Mark Evanier is recognized as an expert in the fields of comics, animation, and pop culture. His popular blog, newsfromme.com, attracts thousands of readers each day. Evanier has written numerous comics, TV shows, and cartoons throughout his career and is partially responsible for the 25th anniversary of Groo, along with creator Sergio Aragonés.


 Al Feldstein

        One of the guiding forces behind EC Comics (along with publisher William M. Gaines), Al Feldstein served as editor, writer, and artist and brought to life one of the most vivid and highly-regarded comics lines of all time. When the line folded in the mid-1950s, Feldstein went on to replace Harvey Kurtzman as editor of Mad magazine, a post he held for almost 30 years. Upon retirement, Feldstein returned to his first love, painting, and is a renowned painter working from his ranch in Wyoming.

Tony Harris

        Best known for his work on Starman for DC Comics, Tony Harris is currently drawing Ex Machina for WildStorm. His intricate Art Deco-influenced style melds with photorealism to create a new look for this very different series, featuring the super-powered mayor of New York City in a post-9/11 world.

Pia Guerra

        The co-creator of Y: The Last Man, along with fellow WonderCon special guest Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra produces evocative pencils and characterizations of Yorick Brown, Agent 355, and Dr. Mann that add a rich visual texture to the storytelling. Guerra is a first-time guest at WonderCon.

Phil Jimenez

        He saw us through this year's Infinite Crisis and in doing so elevated himself to be one of the most popular artists working in mainstream comics. Phil Jimenez's work also includes art on New X-Men for Marvel and The Invisibles for Vertigo (both written by Grant Morrison) and writing and drawing Wonder Woman for DC.

Jeph Loeb

        With best-selling runs on books like Batman (the memorable "Hush" storyline with Jim Lee) and Superman/Batman, Jeph Loeb has moved over to Marvel, where he'll team with fellow WonderCon special guest Michael Turner on Ultimate Wolverine and also write The Ultimates 3 series. His television work includes Smallville, Lost and he is currently the co-executive producer on the new NBC series, Heroes.

Patrick McDonnell

        One of America's most popular comic strip artists comes to WonderCon for the first time! Patrick McDonnell entertains us daily with the cartoon adventures of Mutts, featuring Earl, Mooch, and the whole gang. McDonnell is also a comics enthusiast and historian, and his work includes a major book on George Herriman's classic strip, Krazy Kat.

Linda Medley

        Linda Medley's award-winning Castle Waiting series was on haitus for a while, but it made a major comeback in 2006. Fantagraphics sold out its initial print run of the hardcover book that collects all the stories to date, and jump-started a new continuing series. Medley's ongoing story and art have entranced readers since the series started over 10 years ago. Medley also worked in mainstream comics, penciling titles like Doom Patrol , Wonder Woman, and Justice League, and she was one of the leading colorists in the medium before making Castle Waiting her full-time priority.

Michael Turner

        Michael Turner's work includes his own creations, Fathom and Soulfire for his own company, Aspen, and also some of the most recognizable-and best-selling-covers for DC and Marvel. For DC, he's provided cover art for Identity Crisis and Supergirl, while for Marvel he's done variant covers for Civil War. He's about to embark on a six-issue Wolverine miniseries with popular writer Jeph Loeb.

Brian K. Vaughan

        One of the best writers currently working in comics, Brian K. Vaughan creates works that are always thoughtful, timely, and thought provoking. He currently writes Y: The Last Man for Vertigo, Ex Machina for WildStorm, and a new Dr. Strange miniseries for Marvel. His most recent graphic novel is Pride of Baghdad, focusing on a pride of lions released from the Baghdad Zoo during a bombing raid of the Iraq war.

Judd Winick

        His resume reads like a who's who of great comics characters: Batman. Green Arrow. The Outsiders. Green Lantern. Trials of Shazam. Barry Ween, Boy Genius. Judd Winick is also the mastermind behind the popular Cartoon Network series, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.

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