WonderCon LIVE: Robotech Looks to the Future With New Film, Product Details

First released in 1985, Robotech amalgamated three separate anime shows into a singular series, which focused on the war between humanity and an alien force that aimed to destroy the Earth with an armada of unstoppable ships. Humanity reverse engineered the technology to try and fight back, leading to a war across the planet.

At WonderCon in Anaheim, Harmony Gold USA revealed new details about the Robotech universe, along with updates about the upcoming live-action film produced by Sony Pictures, directed by Andy Muschietti (It) and written by Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman)Harmony Gold Creative Director Tommy Yune was on hand at the panel to showcase the current line of Robotech comics from Titan Comics, which has actually rebooted the series and offers a fresh new look at the series.

Writer Simon Furman and artist Hendry Prasetya are building to "Event Horizon", a major event within the comics that will explore just why the universe has been changed. It's also been announced that Brendan Fletcher will join the title, writing back-up stories for the series.

A slew of new merchandise for the franchise is being released over the course of 2019. Robotech has been working with Lootcrate to provide subscribers with exclusive collectibles, including a specialty lamp . A series of plushies are also being made available later this year thanks to IconHeroes. An entire section of retro apparel has been announced and made available at 80's Tee.

A massive assortment of new reaction figures are being produced by Super 7, helping bring more merchandise for the classic anime series to stores. Meptoys has also begun production of Robotech figures, which will become availbe in the summer of 2019. Toynami will also be producing custom made flight jackets, which will be released later this year.

The noted Japanese company Prime 1 Studios has also begun constructing a collection of high-end statues based on many of the ships from Robotech. Solar Flare games is also introducing a new card game Robotech: Crisis Point. Video game publisher Colleco is also producing new retro style arcade games, including the sidescroller shooter Robotech: The Macros Saga.

Andrés Muschietti is still set to direct the upcoming live-action film, but is currently locked into post-production for the sequel to It.  The live-action film is still currently in development though, and is expected to enter pre-production following the release of It: Chapter 2.

There is also talk of a brand new animated series in conjunction with Sony, although no further details are available at this time. "Sony has a lot of plans for Robotech," Yune said, "across a number of different media."

Muschietti will direct and produce Robotech, alongside fellow producers Barbara Muschietti (It), Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton (300). The film does not yet have a scheduled date.

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