WonderCon: New "Rebirth" Bat-Teams Announced, Including Snyder & JRJR on "All Star Batman"

DC Entertainment heads Dan Didio, Jim Lee, and Geoff Johns announced the new creative teams behind the Bat-books Saturday at WonderCon 2016 in Los Angeles, including a slew of heavy-hitters tasked with relaunching "All Star Batman."

"Batman" will be written by Tom King, with art by David Finch and Mikel Janin. It will ship twice monthly, beginning in June. King was formerly employed by the CIA and worked in counter-terrorism.

"Detective Comics" will be written by James Tynion IV, with art by Eddie Barrows and Alvaro Martinez. It, too, will ship twice monthly starting in June.

"Nightwing," who will be returned to his traditional blue costume, will be written by Tim Seely, with art by Javi Fernandez and Marcus To. It ships twice monthly beginning in July, and the first arc will be titled "Better Than Batman."

"Batgirl" will be written by Hope Larson, with art by Rafael Albuquerque. It ships monthly beginning in July, and marks Larson's first superhero work in comics.

"Batgirl & The Birds of Prey" will be written by Julie Benson and Shawna Benson, with art by Claire Roe. It ships monthly beginning in July.

"All Star Batman" will be written by longtime series scribe Scott Snyder, with art by John Romita Jr., Jock, and Sean Murphy. It ships twice monthly starting in August, and will feature many of the classic Bat-villains.

"Harley Quinn" will be written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, with art by Chad Hardin and John Timms. It ships in August, twice monthly.

"Suicide Squad" will be written by Rob Williams, with art by Jim Lee and Philip Tan. It ships in August, twice monthly. The team will be made up of Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Katana, Deadshot, Flagg, with more memebers to be announced.

"Red Hood & The Outlaws," shipping in August, will be written by Scott Lobdell with art by Dexter Soy. Bizarro and Artemis, of the Amazons, will join Red Hood for what Geoff Johns called a "dark trinity."

"Deathstroke" will be written by Christopher Priest, with art by Carlo Pagulayan, Igor Vitorino, and Felipe Watanabe. It ships twice monthly, beginning in August.

"Batman Beyond" will be written by Dan Jurgens with art by Bernard Chang. It ships monthly beginning in October, and sees the return of Terry McGinnis.

Check out some of the featured artwork from the panel below.

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