WonderCon | New <i>Buffy</i> co-writer on working with Whedon and more

When Joss Whedon returns to Buffy the Vampire Slayer later this year for "season nine" of the TV show-turned-comic book, he's bringing on a new co-writer to work on the book -- Andrew Chambliss, a former Dollhouse television writer (and current Dollhouse comic writer).

Chambliss, whose television work also includes Vampire Diaries and Heroes, wasn't at yesterday's panel to talk about the announcements, but the Buffyfest blog does have up an interview where he talks about both of his comic projects, his work on the Dollhouse TV show and which character he's looking forward to writing in Buffy Season Nine.

"It may seem the obvious choice, but I'm going to have to say Buffy," he told Buffyfest. "Going into season 9, she's in a really interesting place – she always thought she was going to die saving the world, but now that she actually survived, she has to face her real life (don't worry, they'll still be lots of slaying). And at the same time, she's watching her friends move on with their lives, and has to deal with the fact that the Scooby Gang might not be there to help her like they used to be."

Buffy Season Nine kicks off in September, one month after the debut of Angel & Faith.

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