WonderCon: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Is Going to Be Sheer Mayhem

Cloak and Dagger

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger is gearing up to introduce Mayhem. In the comics, Mayhem is the poisonous alter ego of Brigid O’Reilly, who in the show is played by Emma Lahana. At WonderCon, Lahana, Olivia Holt (Tandy Bowen), Aubrey Joseph (Tyrone Johnson) and executive producer/showrunner Joe Pokaski and Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb offered an exclusive sneak peek of Season 2.

Jeph Loeb began the panel by announcing the show's producer and showrunner Joe Pokaski has become a director for the show on the second season.

In talking about the biggest difference between what he wanted to accomplish in season 1 versus season 2, Pokaski said "if you guys watch season one we made them [Olivia and Aubrey] go through the wringer. So let's make their lows lower and highs higher."

Emma Lahana talked about her character Brigid's mysterious return. "I always have a soft spot in my heart for her -- Mayhem is a real badass."

Aubrey in describing what's different for him as an actor between the two seasons said, "the difference between Season 1 and Season 2 I think... we got to know Ty and Tandy as individuals... their fears and hopes.. and now they're embracing the fact that they're a team and there's a city that needs saving, and why not us?"

Jeph put Olivia on the spot to sing, and she wrangled Emma into singing the "ABCs" while Olivia simultaneously sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" since they're the same melody. Jeph Loeb then introduced the first episode of season 2.

Returning April 4 on Freeform, Cloak & Dagger stars Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen/Dagger and Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson/Cloak, as well as Emma Lahana as Brigid O'Reilly/Mayhem, Andrea Roth as Tandy’s mother Melissa Bowen, Gloria Reuben as Tyrone’s mother Adina Johnson, Miles Mussenden as Tyrone’s father Michael Johnson, Carl Lundstedt as Liam, James Saito as Dr. Bernard Sanjo and J.D. Evermore as Detective Connors.

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