WonderCon LIVE: The Cast of Archer Rockets Us To Archer: 1999

The animated FX series Archer is about to reach its tenth (and potentially final) season, and it's going bigger than ever before. With the series shifting into season long fantasy arcs that relocate the cast into different settings and scenarios, the new season will shift the characters into a 1970's sci-if inspired world titled Archer: 1999.

Series executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis were on hand at WonderCon alongside the main cast of the series (H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, Amber Nash and Lucky Yates) to give fans insight into the series as well as preview the first episode of the season.

Archer: 1999 will premiere on Fxx sometime in May. Sam Richardson will guest star in the first episode of the season as the alien blob Bort. The first episode of the season premiered for the audience at WonderCon. It was also the first time the cast had ever seen the full episode, and possibly the first time the cast was ever together for one panel.

This was the first time Nash had actually seen the new design for the character, now a rock like alien creature. "I was actually pleasantly surprised by how cute she is," Nash admitted. "I keep getting bigger! I keep telling people I want us to do a viking season. To have Pam as some viking queen bigger than humans ever should be." Aisha Tyler especially seemed into the idea.

Walter was especially impressed, saying "to see what these animators did, my mouth is hanging open. It's so amazing." She said that she hadn't previously worked in much sci-fi, only really appearing in the 1970's Doctor Stange and a brief spot on Babylon 5. She even didn't actually remember appearing in Wing Commander. "I've done a lot of cartoons and games," she admitted.

When asked how Lana and Archer will work together as co-captains on the ship, Aisha Tyler brought up that "Lana is always the one to be the person... who's a straight-man. Take their vitamins, don't die. I just can't wait until she runs around with her shirt off."

Casey Willis described the newest version of Carol/Cheryl as "basically like a crazy Starbuck." Krieger is also introduced as a synthetic human, a robot inspired by characters like Ash from Alien.

Thompson explained that "we have some great guest stars this season... Sam Richardson will in a few episodes. Matt Berry plays this character called Mister Deadly... Thomas Lennon will return. Jillian Bell will show up as another captain that Archer has to contend with at some point in the series." Thompson also brought up that Archer and Lana will spend the season divorced. "Their divorce is hilarious," Tyler said.

When asked which season was their favorite, Greer and Tyler agreed that Season 5 was their favorite to tackle. "The one where I was a country star! Outlaw country!" Wilson also admitted that "I actually had a spreadsheet of how much cocaine the characters had over the course of that season... they actually didn't sell any over the course of the season."

Thompson admitted that one of the most difficult parts of making the show is going to Walter with the dirtiest dialogue. "We have such a high esteem for Jessica, and then we have to go to her and explain what teabagging is... she's always game, though."

For most of the panel, the cast was focused on poking fun at themselves. They tease each other consistently, and try to figure out the dirtiest words to make the sign language interpreter act out. "I love these guys," Tyler said with a laugh.

Archer: 1999, starring H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, Amber Nash and Lucky Yates, is set to premiere to May on Fxx.


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