WonderCon: John Constantine Returns to the Arrowverse

The days of the live action Constantine TV show may be over but that doesn't mean the DC Universe's favorite warlock of questionable rapport John Constantine are over. A brand new animated Constantine: City of Demons series is coming to CW Seed with live action star Matt Ryan returning to lend his voice to the role.

The first five episodes are scheduled to become available online today, immediately following the premiere.

CBR is on the ground at WonderCon in Anaheim to bring you the very latest from the show's world premiere screening and panel, including appearances by star Matt Ryan and executive producers Greg Berlanti, David S. Goyer, and Sarah Schechter, and writer J.M. DeMatteis.

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Fans were treated to all five episodes of Constantine: City of Demons before the panel of producer Peter Girardi, Matt Ryan, and J.M. DeMatteis took the stage.

Girardi was quick to say that the show itself is speaking more to Justice League Dark as far as continuity is concerned. "This is something we see as launching this corner of the Constantine animated universe."

DeMatteis highlighted the connection to the graphic novel, but was quick to highlight the fact that this will be a new interpretation -- "The stakes for John in this version of the story are so much higher," DeMatteis said. "I was only aware of this character really until I got to write Justice League Dark a few years back, when I got to write him. And I kept thinking about -- since Constantine is from Liverpool -- I kept thinking about John Lennon. He's got that sort of hard edge but soft heart."

Matt Ryan called out his first Constantine comic, Dangerous Habits, which got huge applause from fans. "It's my favorite now...But I've started reading again recently so that might change!"

A fan asked what Ryan's inspiration for his portrayal of Constantine was on set. "The comics, absolutely. While filming or recording, I always kept a comic with me -- when I'd get stuck, I'd always go there."

The next question was in regards to the challenge Ryan faced in memorizing the language of the spells used in the show, to which Ryan joked about reading cue cards off screen. "No, no, we had some language expert in the show who would help me get the pronunciation right, but it was still a huge challenge."

A fan asked the hard hitting question: "Is the a chance that live action Constantine will be coming back?" to huge cheers.

"I'm always the last person to hear about these things," Ryan said, "I hope so, but I never know."

"Every time and every corner I get to play this character, I always think that I'm done," Ryan said, "but every time they keep pulling me back. But it's an amazing time and he's an amazing character, he's an honor and a joy to play."

A fan then asked about Constantine's upcoming potential in Legends of Tomorrow if the show gets picked up for a fourth season, "I think it's interesting, really. John's not really a team player so getting to see how that plays out will be really interesting -- if the show comes back."

The final question of the panel came from a very small child, "Mister Constantine," they asked, "Are you still working with Batman?"

Ryan slyly answered, "Yes, but I'm not allowed to tell anyone."

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