WonderCon Hosts Children's Film Festival

Official Press Release

WonderCon, Northern California¹s largest comic book and pop culture convention, announced today that it will host the first San Francisco International Children¹s Film Festival March 2-4, 2007 at Moscone Center South.

Produced by The Children¹s Festival Company; San Francisco marks the third city in California that will play host to the International festival after San Diego and Los Angeles.

³WonderCon seemed like a natural choice to host our event,² said Dan Bennett, director of the film festival ³we are all very familiar with their sister show Comic-Con in San Diego and are excited to be a part of the excitement that WonderCon generates each year.²

The festival will feature more than 70 animated, live-action and documentary films clustered for different age groups over the three days of WonderCon.

Paid membership to WonderCon is required, however those aged 11 and under are free with at least one adult paid membership. Membership allows full enjoyment of the WonderCon programs, events and exhibits as well the San Francisco International Children's Film Festival.

A complete schedule of films will be announced in mid-February at www.sfchildrensfilm.org.

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