WonderCon | <i>Fringe</i> Presentation

Sunday’s Fringe presentation at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, began with an exclusive preview of the next episode of the Fox sci-fi drama, showing Olivia and her surrogate mother Nina enjoying breakfast in a crowded restaurant. Olivia explains her recent memory problems and her feelings for Peter Bishop, saying, “I’m in love with Peter. ... It’s like I‘ve known him my entire life.” She adds that it can’t be due to Walter’s theory of an empathic connection between the two because she “remembers things that he doesn’t know.”

The scene then shifts to a woman arriving home late after a night out, watched from the shadows by a creepy and scarred man. As she unwinds, he quietly dabs himself with something that looks like cologne, and tackles her in the hallway. At first, the cologne seems to have an effect of making the woman attracted to the man, but eventually her fear returns and she tries to escape. The man then kills the woman by choking her with plastic wrap, and then exits the room.

When the clip ended, moderator Eric Goldman welcomed executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman and stars Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop), John Noble (Walter Bishop), Blair Brown (Nina Sharp) and Seth Gabel (Lincoln Lee).

Pinkner and Wyman started by explaining that the previewed episode will be very important.

Bouncing off of that, the first big question was whether Peter Bishop still thinks he’s in the wrong universe. “I can’t answer you,” Jackson replied

Noble shared how his character has evolved since the beginning of this season, as this time around Walter has been the one resisting the relationship between father and son. The actor shared that his character is sad, and not as much fun without Peter – or, as he put it, “very bleak.”

Brown jokingly revealed that she was almost disappointed with her character’s double. She was hoping for “a crazy bag lady or something.” But in all seriousness, she found her double to be really interesting because the viewer has to be careful and observant to know which Nina is on screen at any given time.

It was also revealed that Brown came up with her alternate character’s nickname: Following the examples set by “Fauxlivia” and “Walternate,” her “Mean Nina” character is referred to as “Mina.”

Asked if Peter and Olivia were actually the Adam and Eve, or progenitors, of the future Observers, Jackson could once again only answer, “Not saying anything.”

Noble how he loves his character’s one-liners, saying, “I always try to get Lance (Agent Broyles) to laugh because Broyles doesn’t laugh.” He added that his character’s infamous line about women having a “Vagenda” was one of his favorites, and got everyone to break character on set.

The future of the show and the possibility of a fifth season still aren’t known. “We won’t say anything until we know,” Wyman said, adding that they change the show to stay on the air. “Our concern is the fans and how we leave it. We would tell you if we knew.”

Pinkner added that, “the end of Season 4 should make everything worthwhile,” but also set up storylines for a fifth season.

One fan asked Noble what his character was like as a 20-year-old, and the actor responded he was probably in school, “on lots of drugs ... listening to the Grateful Dead,” before adding, “Dating Diana Ross.”

When he followed that with a quip that Astrid is actually the lovechild of Walter and Diana Ross, Wyman suggested he should write that as a comic book

The final big reveal was that in an upcoming episode the alternate Lincoln Lees, played by Gable, will have a discussion about how their lives are different. The exchange will give further insight to fans as to how these two universes are so different.

Fringe returns Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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