WonderCon: DCU's Great Expectations Panel

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After Friday's DC Nation panel, Dan Didio returned to Wondercon on Saturday with VP/Sales Bob Wayne, Senior Editor DCU Matt Idelson, Coordinating Editor DCU Jann Jones, Judd Winick, writer for "Green Arrow" and "The Outsiders", and "Teen Titans" writer Adam Beechen. Didio spoke about the big projects for 2007 starting off with showing an image from the upcoming "Countdown" series (seen to the right). "Take look at this image, it'll tell you a lot about what's in store for all these heroes." Didio happily then opened up the floor for questions.

A fan asked about week 43 of "52" and how it did not have the Comics Code seal on it , citing the harsh subject matter of the last 2 panels. "Those characters were created just for that moment." said Didio.

When asked about the upcoming "Dark Knight" film, Didio said "We can listen but we can't answer anything." When asked about the casting choices Bob Wayne added in jest "We all work for Warner Brothers so we think Warner is doing a great job with casting." He continued, "But seriously we think Chris Nolan is doing a great job and making Batman movies we all want to see."

Didio presented an image from World War 3 the other upcoming DCU event. After asking if anyone had questions about WW3 he moved on to more fan questions.

When asked about the future of the Question, specifically if he will he ever return, Didio mentioned that a group of writers had a hit list that is over 3 years old of characters they wanted to build up possibly and then kill. Didio then said "I was told one of the worst ideas I had ever had was to kill Nightwing."

Another fan asked about the "Countdown" image and which Flash that was pictured (Didio had once joked that it was the thought dead Bary Allen) and Winick replied, "The fast one."

width="143" height="190" alt="" align="left" border="0">The next fan asked about Terry McGuiness (from "Batman Beyond") and if he would appear again in the DCU. Didio said it is under consideration.

A Beppo the Super Monkey fan asked if the character would be coming back. Didio asked, "What is this with Beppo, would people read a Beppo book?" The fan replied, "Monkeys sell," to which Jann Jones added, "Monkeys are like cheese they-- make everything better!"

When asked about Elf Quest Didio said they will have to deal with the collected material before they do anything else.

Didio then presented an image from "Wonder woman: Amazon Attack." "The goal of this is to get Wonder Woman back on track." said Didio. Then Didio yelled at a man in the back of the room "Hey buddy you wanna come up here and join us for a short period of time, we'e talking about late books here!" and then introduced Jim Lee to the audience.

Lee said he had flown to Wonder Con to apologize for the lateness of "All Star Batman & Robin" and "Wildcats." Lee also said they are trying to stockpile issues so that books ship on time. Didio added that sometimes late shipping is due to quality control. "We want to thank everyone for sticking with us," said Didio.

A fan asked about the process in deciding the fate of Nightwing, better known as Dick Grayson. Didio said that Dick Grayson was the one character that had so many ties to larger DCU characters. "His death affected everyone." said Didio.

When one fan asked about a "Batman Beyond" live action film, Didio said he doesn't know anything abou tone.

A Batman fan asked the panel what happened to the Frank Miller 9/11 related Batman story. Didio mentioned Frank Miller has been very busy as of late with films and when he is ready to tell the story, then he will do so. Jim Lee added he had seen some of the pages and they look amazing.

Another fan thanked the panel for un-canceling the acclaimed "Manhunter." Didio said "It's one of those books we love putting out and really enjoy." Jann Jones added that a "Manhunter" fan sent them a giant fortune cookie that said, "Good fortune awaits those who un-cancel 'Manhunter.'"

A fan asked about Batwoman being a lesbian and Didio said the DCU has many gay & lesbian characters, so to show how dedicated the DC is to diversity it would only be right to make a major character gay. "It was done to cause a stir and we got thousands of email for it," said Didio.

When asked about the end of the "Green Arrow" series, Didio said, "Its not the end of the story just the end of the series."

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width="142" height="190" alt="" align="right" border="0">One fan pleaded DC to make an all ages Supergirl book stating that the current Supergirl is too racy. Didio asked Jann Jones if that would be a possibly, to which Jones said "Stay tuned we all have all ages things in the works."

At this point Jim Lee thanked the audience and told them he had to leave he had one page to draw tonight.

A truly bizarre moment came from a fan that told the panel he wrote a great JLA script. Didio mentioned this wasn't the forum to present it and he should get an agent.

One fan asked if DC would ever have its heroes deal with the current state of war and America's role in the conflict. Bob Wayne told the fan that DC is trying to not really have its heroes involved because they could not have a solution. Didio added, "The real world does not interact well with the DCU." He did also say that "World War 3" would be dealing with one character, Black Adam, against the entire DCU.

When asked about Superboy Prime and if he would return, Bob Wayne answered, "Maybe."

A married fan asked about the sexuality of characters such as Black Canary and Power Girl, telling the panel how his wife gives him dirty looks about these scantily clad women. Jann Jones said, "DCU is a fantasy world much different than the real word and there are many body types." Didio added, "Tell your wife to leave your comics alone!"

One fan said there are so many places in the DCU and requested that DC produce a map of their universe. The audience then clapped in agreement. Didio said "Not any time soon."

A younger fan asked if Wally Wesr (the previous Flash) would be coming back. Didio immediately asked Jann Jones if she knew anything. Then Judd Winick interrupted and asked the kid if he'd seen the Superman Monkey doll. Didio added "Can we get back to you on that one?" The fan stood at the microphone without moving. Didio then asked the young fan to join him on the panel. Didio then asked the audience if they would ask the new panelist named Wyatt, if Wally would be coming back. Didio said, "It's up to you Wyatt." Wyatt answered by nodding his head.

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When asked about the current Batman series, "Batman" and "Detective Comics," Didio said that Grant Morrison and Paul Dini would staying on their respective series as long as they desire.

A fan asked if the Bleed (a concept used in the WildStorm universe described as the space between realities.) would be appearing in any more DCU books. Didio said they like the Bleed it appeared in "Ion" and it would be used as needed. Adam Beechen added that the DCU would see more of "Ion" in a large company crossover coming soon and would be a major player in "Countdown."

A fan stated it seemed that things are moving towards concepts seen in the classic "Kingdom Come" mini-series and if so, if Alex Ross involved in any of the "Countdown" concept. Didio answered with a big "Maybe?"

Three new DC exclusive contracts with creators were announced for Adam Beechen, Tony Bedard and Jim Calafiore.

Dan Didio thanked the audience for their time and told them to hold tight for a great year in the DCU.

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