WonderCon: DC Universe Heroes Hit DVD

DC's DVD projects panel at WonderCon may have been lightly attended, but it was full of news for fans in attendance. The panel was very laid back as DC Comics' Dan Didio introduced himself and his two guests to the audience-Bruce Timm & Gregory Noveck. Bruce Timm, known for his extensive work in adapting DC Comics properties into animated form ("Batman," "Superman," Justice League"), received the loudest reponse from the audience.

Before the fans could get started, Didio had his own questions to ask of his guests. When asked by Didio what characters he would like to bring over to animation, Tim responded with Phantom Stranger and Kamandi. Gregory Noveck responded to the question by saying that all characters are worthwhile for animation , it's just a matter of focusing on the most iconic aspects of the character. As he put it, "even Brother Power could be great"

Bruce Timm agreed, but followed by saying that some characters can be tricky. The Flash was one example given out as there really isn't one iconic character to the mythos as all the characters who've worn the mask are important to the fundamental legacy of the character.

Noveck delved further into the question by saying something similar about the Atom. He mentioned that Ray Palmer would originally be the only choice for the character in animation, but now the new Atom (Ryan Choi) is gaining popularity and thus another aspect of the character would have to be considered.

Some official information about the DVD release of "Superman: Doomsday" was then given out: the release date is set to be September 18, 2007. Warner Brothers will treat this release like any big movie release, they plan to pack the DVD full of extras and games. So there will plenty more to watch beyond the 72 minute time span of the film.

At this point, fans were able to ask their own questions to the panelists as one fan asked if any voice actors from "JLU" animated series will carry over to the movies. The answer was a firm 'No,' but they went further by revealing some of the new voices of the "Superman: Doomsday" movie. Adam Baldwin will be the voice of Superman, Ann Heche will provide the voice for Lois Lane, and James Marsters will voice Lex Luthor. Fans may remember that Marsters voiced Brainiac in "Smallville" quite recently.

Many fans asked about how the movie will deal with all the plot elements from the large, epic "The Death of Superman" storyline. Timm revealed that they all re-read the storyline and picked out all the important parts. Un-related sub plots like a young, red haired Lex or the proto matrix Supergirl will be dropped. It was still left unclear if things like the four replacement Supermen or the JLI will appear, but it seems doubtful.

After one fan's question about the "Teen Titans" movie, adpating a classic tale of the teen heroes, it was pointed out that the "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract" movie is still very early on in pre-production. It's still unclear what style of art they will use, but stated it will not look like the "Teen Titans" animated series.

The Titans movie was further elaborated on as one fan asked how close the portrayal of Terra will be to the comic. Although Timm & Co were still unclear how to deal with Terra and Slade's 'special' relationship, they did say that there are no plans to show Terra smoking on screen.

Timm responded to a question about what characters and stories he'd like to do next for the DCU DVDs by saying that Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Jonah Hex are all on his short list of movies he wants made.

The panelists ended their discussion by saying they were seriously psyched for the "New Frontier" DVD that is to follow Superman: Doomsday. They think the voice actors for Batman and Robin are simply perfect, but it was just too early to reveal.

After the talking, the fans were given a real treat as they were shown some of the first batch of color footage to come out of Korea. Some interesting tid bits of information were given as the audio-less video played.

  • A quick shot of Lex Luthor kissing Lois Lane
  • Superman floating in a medical tube surrounded by fortress robots
  • Blood was actually shown as Superman fought his way through the city against Doomsday
  • Shots that seemed to show Superman fighting the army
  • And of course some shots of Superman in his black costume

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