WonderCon LIVE: DC Super Hero Girls Debut Super New Footage


The first season of Cartoon Network’s DC Super Hero Girls is underway, and it is already full of friendship, butt-kicking and ice cream — everything your child (and inner child) could ever want! At WonderCon this weekend, executive producer Lauren Faust (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) and actors Kimberly Brooks (Bumblebee), Kari Wahlgren (Zatanna), Nicole Sullivan (Supergirl), Grey Griffin (Wonder Woman) and Myrna Velasco (Green Lantern) were on hand to debut new footage and answer some questions.

"The first thing that I wanted bring back was secret identities, so it was exciting that Warners wanted to do a reboot... but to take a whole new spin on it from there," said Lauren Faust on bringing this series back.

Valerio Ventura said that "even though we're in urban areas or school to the eyes of our heroes, the world around them is beautiful. With colors and styling we achieve to show something beautiful and at the same time epic... we want something that everyone could watch. We don't just want something cutesy... we want something elegant and gorgeous."

Grey Griffin talked about her relationship with her grandma who has Mexican heritage, "so I really relate with Diana coming from a different world... and being a little bit different and trying to fit in."

Nicole talked about finding her "whatev vibe," and said, "So seriously, I can do it like this? Like this annoying?... she's mad Superman gets all the press and she has the same powers and she babysat him -- she deserves all the credit and she doesn't get any... but she's cool and doing it is so fun and freeing. She says what she wants. they let me goof off in the sound booth sometimes... it's truly an enjoyable process."

Kimberly Brooks talked about the dichotomy of being a hero but small. "She has a really big heart. She has her friends, and she's growing up. She's finding herself just like everyone else. She's small and that comes in handy -- she can fit in places a lot of people can't. It's fun to voice this character because I get to tap into my youth... It's cool to go through this evolution with the character."

"Zatanna does these backwards spells, so when I got the part I really hoped they did these spells," said Kari. "It was really challenging and we did a lot of different takes."

About playing a pacifist character, Myrna, the voice of Jessica Cruz, said: "It was nice to know that this is how this person interacts with the world" in that she's always going to be righteous.

About characters coming up in the season, "you'll see Beast Boy, Kraven and Starfire" said Lauren Faust.

Figuring out the new look for the heroes was worked on while developing the show, according to Lauren. "You should be able to take one look at the character, and take a pretty good guess at who they are. That was the first thing that I thought about... the other thing that was important to me was to get a diverse group of girls of different body types. We don't get to see that a lot in cartoons. The rest of it was all technical stuff 'can we animate this?' 'will it be hard to draw?'"

"I feel like we're working with the badasses of voice acting here," said Lauren about the voice actors being able to do multiple characters.

"It's fun to be in a scene with yourself!" exclaimed Grey Griffin.

About villains this season, Lauren answered, "Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Livewire, Giganta, Poison Ivy -- they're all coming down the pike."

"Teenagers can be shy, and teenagers can be scared, and that's okay... so when I looked at everyone's powers, it makes sense to me that Bumblee would be shy... that's why she's been adjusted in this direction" Lauren said about her choice to make Bumblebee a shy character.

"Some of the other characters we get to play are super fun," said Kari. "One of the notes you don't get in a session is 'go crazier, go bigger'" so it was a blast for her to voice Star Sapphire.

"I'm the rookie of the group here," said Myrna. "Anytime I can record with these amazing women and watch what they can do with their instrument... they are breathtaking. I love being able to be around them."

When asked about more characters from Gotham City, Lauren said, "Lots of people will be coming from Gotham." She continued, "The DC Universe is so rich, and in our story room, we have a wall full of characters that we want to hit someday, so we have to hope that this show lasts forever so we can hit all of them."

Across the board, the cast agreed that it's more fun to voice villains.

Starring Grey Griffin as Wonder Woman, Tara Strong as Batgirl, Nicole Sullivan as Supergirl, Kari Wahlgren as Zatanna, Myrna Velasco as Green Lantern and Kimberly Brooks as Bumblebee, DC Super Hero Girls airs Sundays on Cartoon Network.

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