WonderCon | Day two thoughts

• Got to the city a little earlier on Saturday than Friday, as I had an 11 a.m. panel to cover. Friday was absolutely beautiful in San Francisco. It wasn't quite as sunny on Saturday, but it also wasn't raining, which it very well could have been. So let's offer something up to the rain gods that Sunday lives up to its name (it's a bit darker today, so I'm a little worried I might get stuck in a downpour). When I arrived Saturday, here's what was outside the Moscone Center:

One big line going down the block as people waited to buy their pass. Like last year, Friday was pretty low key, but Saturday saw people come out in mass. You could see it and feel it on the floor as well.

• First panel I covered was the IDW Publishing panel, where Scott Dunbier talked about several very cool things, such as The Rocketeer collection. I'm also jazzed about Bob Fingerman's From the Ashes, though that's not a new announcement. It was also nice to meet Scott, who has been a tremendous help with all the auctions we did for Lance and Carla.

• That one was followed by the Jill Thompson spotlight panel, which I'm still working on ... very cool panel, though, as Mike Mignola and Jill Thompson had an informal conversation about her career. More on that in my panel report.

• Like I said, the con was really packed Saturday. And that was translating into sales, at least for one publisher on the floor. From SLG's Twitter feed: "The Word from WonderCon: BUSY. We exist now in a realm where the economic realities do not exist. They will once we leave, though." Jennifer de Guzman said basically the same thing when I spoke to her at their booth -- they had a lot of traffic, and people were buying stuff.

• Had some nice chats with Strangeways creator Matt Maxwell, who had seen the Watchmen movie the night before and had really nice booth placement right on a corner; Jason McNamara and Paige Braddock, who were pimping Martian Confederacy and Jane's World at the Charles Schulz Museum table (Paige works there); and Omaha Perez, who I bought the Flash Gordon 50th anniversary edition from. I feel like I'm missing something here, as I know I talked to other people as well.

• Also took a bunch of pictures for the CBR Live photo blog.

• Ended the day at the 100 Bullets panel, another one I need to go work on for the man site, so I'll stop here and pick up again after Sunday.

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