WonderCon | A round-up of announcements from Sunday

There wasn't as much news coming out of WonderCon today compared to Friday and Saturday, but there were a few announcements:

• Marvel announced that Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha & Omega, The Massive and Conan the Barbarian writer Brian Wood will take over writing both X-Men and Ultimate X-Men. About the latter, he told CBR, "I can bring something to the table here, a certain POV that I think will work really well. At its core it's still the same mutant/human conflict, but the stakes are incredibly high and with the Ultimate line having more leeway than 616, you can really push it to the edge, and over the edge. With my stories, I'm looking forward to having them push back against this repression in a major way -- not just in one-on-one cases but as a collective whole, a unified mutant push for freedom, for safety, for basic human rights. For the right to be a mutant and live free. What's happening to them now is essentially a genocide, an ethnic cleansing."

• Marvel also announced a new Dark Avengers series by Jeff Parker, Kev Walker and Declan Shalvey that replaces Thunderbolts. The book will feature Dark Scarlet Witch, Dark Spider-Man, Trickshot, Ragnarok and Skaar, along with Luke Cage.

• Parker's Hulk, which features General Thunderbolt Ross as the Red Hulk, will pit the red goliath, A-Bomb, the She-Hulks, Alpha Flight and Machine Man against the Mayan Gods. He'll be joined by artist Dale Eaglesham. "Dale has a world-sized imagination, and that's what you need in a story about the return of ancient gods. Also it's mostly set in a lush jungle environment, which he kills at with his classic adventure sensibilities. He makes wild sci-fi look utterly believable. And the characters are gorgeous! We get pretty excited when Dale pages roll into the inbox," Parker told Newsarama.

• Chris Ryall spoke a little more about some of the projects IDW announced at the show, including their plans for Judge Dredd and The Crow.

• And finally, fans of Marvel's cosmic line have something to look forward to, as Tom Brevoort teased big plans for the end of the year. "We're putting our full attention into blowing that up and making it a part of overall Marvel publishing," said Brevoort. "More Guardians stuff is coming up when you least expect it."

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