WonderCon | A round-up of announcements from Friday

WonderCon opened its doors Friday at the Anaheim Convention Center, a first for the convention as it moves south from its usual San Francisco home this year. Will it be a permanent move? The Beat's Heidi MacDonald, who is at the show, has some thoughts on why that may not be a bad idea.

Here’s a round-up of news from yesterday at the show:

Daredevil and Irredeemable writer Mark Waid announced several digital comics plans, beginning with a PDF comic available now on his website. The zombie comic, called Luther, is drawn by Jeremy Rock. It will be followed in May by a digital comics imprint. "In May, I'm rolling out a digital comics website where material will be going up in weekly or twice-weekly installments. But before that, on April 2, MarkWaid.com goes live again as a process blog for webcomics and what we're doing. All throughout April, we'll be giving sample material away for free, showing what the format can do, and I'll be doing interviews with pioneers in this field. My own artists will also be there to talk about the projects we're doing and how we'll be building them." Waid was also on hand for the Marvel House of Ideas panel, which went into detail on their recently announced digital and augmented reality plans.

• Waid was also announced as the writer of a new Rocketeer four-issue series, coming from IDW. Chris Samnee, Waid's recently announced artistic collaborator on Daredevil, will draw the series, which features Dave Stevens' creation.

• Speaking of Stevens, IDW also announced Dave Stevens’ Covers & Stories,a collection of the late creators' non-Rocketeer covers and other artwork. It comes out in July.

• Marvel announced a new out-of-continuity and out-of-this-world Punisher miniseries by Frank Tieri and Mark Texeira, called Space:Punisher.

• Marvel also revealed details on an upcoming Amazing Spider-Man storyline that features the Lizard and Morbius. "When I found out who the villain was in the upcoming Spider-Man movie I thought, 'We have got to do a Lizard story!' There's going to be this massive movie and the Lizard will be everywhere. Even people on the street who don't know Spider-Man's world all that well will have an awareness of, 'Oh look. There's this villain called the Lizard.' So it would be silly not to do a Lizard story," writer Dan Slott told CBR.

• IDW Publishing announced two future Artist's Editions--Sergio Aragones' Groo the Wanderer: Artist's Edition will debut in July 2012 and Jack Davis EC Comics Stories: Artist's Edition will follow later in the year.

• Archaia revealed the projects behind those posters they're giving out at the show: "Space 1999," written by Andrew E.C. Gaska and based on the 1970s British science fiction television show; "Gang of Fools," a futuristic dystopian tale by James Smith; "Pantalones, TX," an all-ages humor book by animator Yehudi Mercado; and "Iron: Or, the War After" by S.M. Vidaurri.

• Zenescope is using Kickstarter to try and raise $175,000 to create an animated version of their Grimm Fairy Tales comic.

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