WonderCon 2005 Photo Parade

While you've probably already read through our coverage of announcements to come out of WonderCon this past weekend, one thing was notably abset - a photo parade. Comics writer Dan Wickline noticed the absence himself, so he forwarded the following photos he snapped when he attended the San Francisco convention this past Sunday. Thanks Dan, who by the way has stories in the upcoming anthologies "Western Tales of Terror" #3 and "Event Horizon" #1. Give 'em a try and thanks, Dan.

We should also point out that yes, indeed, Storm Troopers did provide some crowd control inside and outside the convention this last weekend as you'll see in the pictures. We here at CBR News think that's equally really quite cool and disturbing on a level, well, that can't quite be described. At any rate, let's move on to the pictures.

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