Wonder WOOman: 15 Heroes Wonder Woman Should Romance On-Screen


The Wonder Woman movie has finally arrived, and the feedback so far seems to say that it was worth the wait. We already knew we would be seeing more of Diana in Justice League, but now there is already word about there being a Wonder Woman 2. So that means more adventures, more Amazons, and more about Diana's life; including her romantic life.

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It's a common comic book trope that heroes have to juggle a relationship with saving the world. Superman usually has Lois Lane, and Spider-Man usually has Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy. Wonder Woman's love life is a little more iffy, though, since she doesn't really have an enduring partner who she's consistently been with. So, we figured why not play matchmaker and see if we can find someone for the Amazon Princess. We obviously wouldn't expect or want Diana to go through all of these relationships in the DCEU, but maybe there's one among the bunch that will be the perfect match. Have a look and let us know who you would like to see Wonder Woman end up with!

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This suggestion isn't very serious, but it would be a funny little nod for DC to include in their movies. The similarities between Marvel's Thor and DC's Wonder Woman have not been lost on comic fans over the years, with a lot of people looking at them as counterparts. Marvel and DC characters may never interact on screen, but DC does have its own version of Thor it can play around with on-screen.

The joke of it aside, it would make sense that Diana might have an interest in the gods of the ancient civilizations since they are such a big part of her life. Just a passing mention of how Diana thought Thor was attractive, but that she would never be allowed to date gods outside of the Greek pantheon could make for a funny line. Though it would also give the other men in her life some tough standards to live up to.



Steve is the most obvious candidate for this topic, but that doesn't mean he should be excluded from being mentioned either. Sure, he's already shared the screen with Wonder Woman and there have been some possible seeds planted for them to have a long term romance, but it's not a forgone conclusion that they'll be the definitive couple. That's particularly true given the time period of when the movie is set in relation to the rest of the DCEU.

However, classic romances are classic for a reason, and fans might wind up wanting to see more of Steve and Diana. He offers normalcy in comparison to all the super-powered people Diana will be meeting, and he definitely shares a strong connection with the Amazons. With Wonder Woman 2 already confirmed, maybe that could be a chance to continue building something between the classic pairing.


This is a romance that would probably never work, but it would still be fun to see it play out. After all, it's not like this comes totally out of left field, either. We know that Harley has no problem dating women thanks to her romance with Poison Ivy, and there have been hints of Diana being open to same sex relationships as well, particularly thanks to longtime Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka stating that the Amazons would obviously be lesbians.

Harley in particular seems like she would be open to the idea. In Harley's Little Black Book # 1, she idolizes Diana and wants to protect her. It definitely looks like Harley is a bit infatuated with Wonder Woman. And it's pretty easy to picture Harley trying to win Diana's heart in her own zany way. It might not work long term, but we'd be up to see the results.


Though this relationship isn't as well-known as Diana's time dating Superman or Batman, she actually did have a passing interest in Aquaman on occasion. Obviously Aquaman is best known for being with Mera, so the window of opportunity for these two to be together has been limited to when Arthur and Mera are separated. In Justice League 80-Page Giant # 1 Arthur even confesses while under the Lasso of Truth that he has always been interested in Diana.

Their likelihood of being a thing in the DCEU is likely quite slim, but it would certainly be easy to see why someone would be interested in this version of Arthur. Clark Kent is the group's clean-cut handsome member, but Jason Momoa brings a bit more of a rugged look to this interpretation of Aquaman. It's hard to make silly fish jokes about the guy who played Khal Drogo.


Admittedly, Artemis has not really shown any romantic interest in Diana, but it is hard to think of any other Amazon who has developed as significant a relationship with Wonder Woman. Of course, one of Artemis’ best known stints in DC was actually when she got to spend a while calling herself Wonder Woman. Diana’s mother had foreseen that Wonder Woman would die, so Hippolyta decided to save her daughter by ensuring someone else would carry that mantle. Unfortunately, Artemis really did wind up dead as a result.

Of course, comic book deaths have a tough time being permanent, so Artemis returned and has been a dependable ally to Diana. She’s even staked out more of her own identity by teaming up with Red Hood and Bizarro to create a fresh team. But with the unique bond she shares with Diana over the Wonder Woman identity, maybe they have enough in common for some chemistry on-screen.


Diana is often portrayed as someone a bit naive and sheltered when it comes to actually having fun, so you might think someone like Zatanna wouldn't be at all Wonder Woman's speed. What could someone who is devoted to being a warrior have in common with someone whose personality is based around the wonder of being a magician? It turns out the answer is quite a bit, as evidenced by The Brave and the Bold # 33.

The takeaway from the story is it takes places before Barbara Gordon is paralyzed by the Joker, and Zatanna has a premonition of what's to come. She realizes it's unavoidable, but wants to give Batgirl a big night to remember. So Zatanna ropes up Diana and Barbara for a night at the club to dance the night away. And to Diana's credit, she loosens up pretty well to help Zatanna make Barbara's night special. Maybe a magician is just what Wonder Woman needs to tap into her fun side.

9 IO

Though Greg Rucka's announcement about the Amazons having no issue with same sex relationships is very recent, it is not as if that declaration just came out of the blue. There have long been hints getting dropped that the Amazons would be open to such things. Wonder Woman herself has hinted at it when talking about relationships with her fellow heroes, and there have been clues from other Amazons suggesting as much as well.

For one, we have the Amazon Io who has pretty obviously been depicted as being romantically interested in Diana. There was even a building tease that they were going to become involved with each other before Io was killed off. But their relationship would make sense what with Diana growing up with the Amazons and having so much time to know them. So why not have Io be Diana's first crush?


A bit like Harley Quinn, this is a romance we can’t see ending happily, but it would still be fun to watch happen. A relationship was teased between them in the comics for years, but it was mostly with Nemesis being the pursuant. Like a bit of a teenager, Nemesis did not actually seem to have a very good idea of how to express his infatuation. This often led to him saying and doing things he thought would be flattering, but really just made Diana view him as foolish.

It was not a totally one-sided dynamic though. Diana decided to humor Nemesis a bit by putting him through some of the typical courting rituals of her people. Nemesis endured it, though, because he actually did have some genuine feelings for Diana. Once he finally realized those emotions weren’t reciprocated, Nemesis left heartbroken.


Though Wonder Woman only fairly recently gained attention in the news for being interested in women, Batwoman had her own coming out party a while ago at this point. So neither woman would likely need much convincing to give the romance a shot. But do their personalities mesh for a love connection? The two were on opposite sides in the Injustice comics, and Batwoman nearly killed Diana there. But in the main canon they have worked together on friendlier terms.

Batwoman # 14 saw the two super heroes in the midst of a team-up to hunt down Medusa. Batwoman was already in a relationship at this point, so she wasn’t treating Diana as any more than a partner. Still, Batwoman was definitely intrigued by working with a demigod, and Diana didn’t seem to mind working with Batman’s less moody counterpart.


People often associate Starfire as a member of the Teen Titans, but since the DCEU is set in a time where Robin is already dead, and Cyborg is already joining the Justice League, that means Starfire should appear as an adult if she shows up in the DCEU. Starfire and Wonder Woman are two of DC's more heavily sexualized female characters, but there actually is a basis for why they would be a good match other than fans wanting to see two attractive characters together.

Part of Wonder Woman's compatibility with Superman is that they both know what it's like to be strangers to the world of man, and finding kinship in that. Starfire is another individual who can relate to that experience, often exhibiting a naivety similar to how Diana is sometimes depicted. Diana could certainly relate to another super-powered woman feeling lost on Earth.


Kasia is another Amazon, and admittedly isn’t exactly some big name superhero. But they are a race of warriors, and they were created by supernatural means, so it’s not exactly like this would be a relationship with some ordinary human. Plus, this is another relationship that was foreshadowed a bit, so it’s clearly an option Diana considered. We saw that in 2016’s Wonder Woman # 2, which showed the origins of Diana and Steve Trevor meeting.

In the panel above you can see the difficulty Diana has in saying goodbye to Kasia and leaving for the world of man. But just to drive home the point, there’s also a later scene where Diana emerges naked from a bathing pool and the other Amazons can’t help admiring what they see, but one of them comments “I thought her and Kasia…” And just to make things crystal clear, there’s one more scene where Steve and Diana are talking and Steve inquires if she had a “special friend” before meeting him, and she mentions Kasia.


Superman isn't the only survivor of Krypton who could make for an interesting romance with Diana. Supergirl is a bit too inexperienced, but her counterpart from Earth Two is more sure of herself and has carved out more of a role outside her cousin Superman's shadow. Plus Wonder Woman and Power Girl are already good friends, so there is a foundation there for them to have something more.

The two have battled before in Wonder Woman # 41 during "A Murder of Crows" when the children of Ares misled Power Girl, but Diana won the encounter and they became friends again. That definitely shows that even with their proud personalities, they can kiss and make up, so why not take that friendship to the next level and keep on kissing? Wonder Woman has plenty of people to lock up in battle against, but she has a vacancy for someone to lock lips with.


Sure, Vixen is already in the CW's DC universe of TV shows, but that isn't stopping the Flash from being included in the Justice League movie, so there is no reason Vixen could not appear in the movie universe as well. Vixen has worked with the Justice League before despite being low on the team's most known affiliates, so she does have a basis for a connection with Diana. Plus they have a bit of common ground when it comes to their powers.

Vixen is all about being able to summon the powers of animals, either by acquiring their traits to aid her, or straight up turning into different creatures. While it is not one of Wonder Woman's more known powers, she does have the ability to communicate with animals. They say communication is key in relationships, so Diana would be up for the task no matter what form Vixen took.


This is another romance that actually has played out already, albeit mostly in the Justice League cartoons. It was an unlikely pairing given how disparate their personalities are, but it began building during the "Obsidian Age" storyline on the show and kicked off with the two kissing. Afterwards, Batman seemed too skittish to continue with things, but Diana was curious enough to use a device that played out possible futures to check if her and Batman would work. Suffice to say, she elected to move on from her infatuation.

And yet, of all the romances on this list, this one looks the most plausible to see happen in the DCEU. It is certainly looking like Diana and Bruce will be spending a lot of time together in Justice League. And with Superman MIA at the moment, Diana probably has the most in common with Bruce over a teenage Flash, a half man half robot, and a fish man.


Superman seemed like a natural fit for Wonder Woman since they are so often viewed as equals in power, and having equal footing in a relationship is important. But when these two actually did get together, it wasn't as magical as many imagined. They dated in the New 52, but Clark called it off after feeling Diana was lying to him by withholding how she had interrogated some people close to Clark, including Lois Lane. And now, thanks to the events of Rebirth, this romance has been wiped from the history books.

The Injustice comics and games also took a stab at this romance, but there the power couple quickly devolved into tyrants who rule over the world. It seems like two characters this strong are destined for bad things, but that's also part of their intrigue. Nobody could say they aren't curious to see these two date in the DCEU.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now, and Justice League arrives November 17, 2017.

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