How Does Co-Creating Wonder Woman Not Warrant a 'Thanks' in Justice League?

This is "Just a Reminder," when I look back at comic book history whenever I think there's something worthwhile to look back at on in connection with things going on today.

A couple of months back, CBR's own Kieran Shiach wrote a great piece about how Harry George (H.G.) Peter deserves to be credited as the co-creator of Wonder Woman. Kieran wrote his piece after Peter was not even given a "thanks" at the end of the Wonder Woman film and was also not featured even as a character in a recent biographical film about the lives of William Moulton Marston, his wife Elizabeth and their lover Olive.

A couple of days ago, my buddy Glen Cadigan had a great post on Facebook after the recent AMC series, The Secret History of Comics, somehow managed to avoid talking about H.G. Peter, the guy who co-created Wonder Woman, in their episode on the history of Wonder Woman.

And now, after having watched Justice League and seen that despite a whole bunch of creators getting "Thanks" at the end of the film, somehow the guy who co-created Wonder Woman was not included among them, I figured I should ask...

How is this even possible?

I certainly understand that there almost certainly is some sort of business reason as to why DC Comics can't very well acknowledge that H.G. Peter co-created Wonder Woman, despite it being obvious that he did so (we literally have the sketch he made where he came up with Wonder Woman's costume!!)

However, since DC Comics/Warner Bros. made a deal with the estate of William Moulton Marston for the ownership of the character, it doesn't make any legal sense for them to open things up to another person if they don't have to, especially since, as Glen also noted, them acknowledging Peter before knowing if his estate would pursue any sort of legal case against DC Comics would possibly put them into a poor legal position.

So we get it, they can't publicly acknowledge that Peter co-created Wonder Woman (a non-DC-sponsored historical program like Secret History of Comics really should have, though).

But not even a thanks?!

Even if you (incorrectly) argued that Peter did not co-create Wonder Woman, he still drew every issue of her comic book for well over a decade, until shortly before his death (he was already in his 60s when he began work on the character). He deserves more respect and thanks than that.

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