Wonder Woman's New Origin: Daughter of Who?

Yesterday when DC Comics announced that artist Andy Kubert would step on for two issues of Grant Morrison's "Action Comics," the publisher also teased that it would also soon reveal a new origin for one longtime Justice Leaguer.

The wait for answers wasn't long as today, DC's official The Source blog declared that their Amazonian Princess will discover new information about her past in upcoming issues. For discretion's sake, we'll put the news under the following...


As part of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's new introductory arc, it will be revealed that Zeus - the thunder god above all other gods in the Greek pantheon - is Diana's true father. The character's original origin always saw her mother Hippolyta crafting the Wonder Woman to be out of clay. How this latest twist will play out has yet to be seen.

DC also announced on the Source that "Wonder Woman" #1 was officially the 12th title to cross the 100,000 copy sales barrier of their New 52 launches for September.

Last month, Azzarello spoke to CBR News about book saying, "Listen, her origin's intact. I'm not doing anything with her origin in issue one. Maybe later." The writer went on to add "Wonder Woman's a myth, just like the gods, and I put her in the same boat as Superman or Batman. It's more of a modern myth. These things have to be revitalized. New stories have to be told, made up around these icons. You just have to keep the core. Hercules remains relevant because, what is Hercules? He's a strong man who made terrible mistakes. There's tons of stories you can tell around that kind of myth. Nobody screamed bloody murder when people were making up different stories continuity-wise back then, like now. We'll be fine! We'll be fine."

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on the future of "Wonder Woman," and look for all the news surrounding New York Comic Con all week long!

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